Show Your Artistic Style: Hydro Dipping

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One of the latest trends seen online includes hydro dipping — a quick craft many are using to spice up their ordinary objects. Hydro dipping is the process of taking an object and dipping it into spray-painted water to create a marble design.  

While the art of hydro dipping may seem complicated, VALLEY is here to break things down for you!

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What You’ll Need  
  • Container/ Bucket 
  • Water 
  • Several colors of spray paint 
  • Object to be dipped 
  • Stirring utensil (optional) 
  • Disposable Gloves 

Spray Paint: Choose colors that are desired for the final design. Make sure the spray paint can be used on the material of the object that is being hydro dipped. Some spray are specific to plastic, wood, glass or metal. 

Object: The object should be a neutral color such as white or cream to allow the color of the spray paint to show.

Water: Warm water is recommended, but any temperature water can be used. 

Bucket: Use a container or bucket that will fully fit your object. 

What You’ll Do 

1. Take a bucket and fill it with warm water leaving about 6” at the top and be sure to put on disposable gloves.  

2. Shake the spray paint well until fully stirred. Spray the paint into the bucket of water alternating between the different colors chosen. Determine how long to spray each color based on the desired look. Continue to spray until the top layer of water can be fully covered when you stop spraying. More spray paint can be added if desired. This is what will determine your color design so have fun with it! 

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3. Take the object chosen and slowly enter it straight into the painted water. These objects can include: phone cases, wooden objects, sneakers, flower pots, blank canvases, water bottles. Once fully submerged, slowly remove the object from the water. 

Run the object under cold water to allow the paint to stick better (optional). 

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