Unleashing The Artist Within

Photo from Morganne Schrading

As states ease quarantine restrictions, some are still not back into the normal swing of things and have been getting antsy as the day it is lifted approaches. Many have taken the time to find new hobbies, explore the things they are passionate about, and well…kill time.

With a ‘thank you’ to social media — people everywhere have been able to find ways to get creative, whether it was from a TikTok video or an Instagram page. Here are a couple of ways Penn State students have been able to unleash the artist within and some ideas for you to try at home!

Emma Houston

Junior Emma Houston has done the impossible by mixing both business and pleasure with her earring line. By combining her love for wearing these accessories, the art behind it all and business, Houston decided to create a more affordable version for herself and others.

“The business is just the perfect amount of work for me with my job and classwork. It’s just enough to keep me busy and I’m also happy with it,” Houston said.

Using the time she gained during quarantine, Houston began teaching herself how to work with a variety of materials to create a wide range of earrings including those with clay, buttons, and miniature objects!

“Making earrings in quarantine has definitely helped my boredom during this time, especially since I started selling them! It also helped with my mental health — keeping busy and doing things for others brings me joy,” Houston said.

Those interested can go to Houston’s Instagram page to find all the information necessary for purchase.

Morganne Schrading

Upcoming sophomore Morganne Schrading, has decided to bring her former love of art back into the light since quarantine began.

“I always loved to paint and color, so with all the extra time on my hands, I figured it was the perfect time to jump back into it. It gave me something to look forward to and stay occupied,” Schrading stated.

By improvising with the materials she found at home, Schrading often found herself borrowing materials from family members, mixing colors and using unexpected materials — such as a bunched paper towel—to add effects.

“I definitely want to continue after quarantine. It is such a great way to let off steam and be creative. I’m honestly thankful in a way that this happened so I could jump back into the things that bring me joy that I typically wouldn’t do on a daily basis. What I got from this whole experience in finding art again, is to make sure to find to time for the little things in life that bring you joy. Although the world has a lot of negativity and hate right now, do what you can to stay positive and use it to inspire others,” Schrading said.

Art with Guidance

Now art or being creative may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Finding the starting point of where to begin can leave people feeling flustered, confused and ultimately unmotivated. Here are some things you can purchase and watch to give you a nudge in the right direction!

Remember those coloring books where one color matched one number and it led you to create the masterpiece of your dreams? (Yes — we’re feeling pretty nostalgic too right now.) We can now get this in adult form! As seen on TikTok, many are able to bring their favorite pictures to life with painting by numbers. Painting from Photo offers a wide selection of works you can do, as well as Etsy and Amazon. Local craft stores such as Michaels tend to offer a small scale version of these kits.

YouTube! Interested in something in particular? Chances are someone has made the perfect tutorial for you. Whether its hopping on the latest trends or using your coffee addiction to learn latte art, or making happy accidents with Bob Ross, check out these videos for step by step tutorials.

Whether it’s painting, making jewelry, a zen garden, coloring or more, take time to find your new passion. Art can be anything you make it, so we encourage you to try it out!

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