VALLEY’s Guide To a Healthy Feed

photo from by Gabrielle Henderson

Double-tap, scroll and repeat — an action that has become normalized in a human’s daily routine. Social media has become such a huge influence on the current generation that sometimes it’s hard to see when it is a total facade.

It has escalated to a point where applications like Photoshop and FaceTune are used on pictures that trick viewers on what even is real or not. This becomes such a toxic lifestyle as everything you are fulfilling yourself with is not true at all. It plays with our conception of reality and seriously can become damaging to a person’s mental health. 

This might sound negative, but that is not the entirety of social media platforms. People typically want to post the highs of life and not the struggle, making it appear like everyone has it all together. 

Lucky for you — VALLEY has come up with a solution to revamp your feed into a healthy reality. What is it? Following accounts that deliver a positive message and show authenticity. This may sound easier than it is but there are positive influencer accounts that show you true sides to them and have genuine conversations with their audience. 

Step one of the entire process is to unfollow any account that makes you feel negative about yourself. Sometimes, watching influencers that you constantly compare yourself with can become very toxic. 

Step two is to replace those accounts with positivie ones that relate to you. The following accounts are VALLEY-approved for your new healthy feed. 

photo posted by @wetheurban on Instagram

WE THE URBAN is a self-love, inclusivity and marginalized voices page on Instagram that boosts personal power. Their posts consist of positive messages, listing things you should often remind yourself. It not only boosts confidence, but also shifts your mindset to see everything from a new perspective.

On the thread from the image above, the following slide says, “If you never try, you’ll never know.” This goes to represent how positively impactful they are, pushing yourself past the what-if thoughts and going out to try something new.

Camille Kostek
photo posted by @champspennstate on Instagram

Camille Kostek is a model, actress and television host who pushes the message to love yourself the way you are. She opens up a lot to her viewers about her body struggles and issues on in her personal life that makes her page very personable. She also pushes the message, “Never Not Dancing,” as she grew up loving to dance and the underlying meaning which is to make the best out of everything, Plus, she recently visited Penn State at Champs Downtown, so you know she has good taste already.

Ally Yost
Photo posted by @ally_yost on Instagram

Famous TikToker, Ally Yost, always has a positive influence to send out to her audience, giving tips and motivational advice to help move past situations holding you back. She also shows a very authentic side to her as she opens up about her struggles of doubting herself or being upset online which makes you realize no matter how successful someone is, they still have their own issues too.

Who do you follow on social media that creates your own healthy feed? Tell us by tagging @VALLEYmag on Instagram and Twitter!


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