TikTok Chic DIYs Straight From #FYP

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Quarantine got you down? Here are some clothing DIYs from TikTok that will have your wardrobe revamped in no time!

*Disclaimer* Make sure to do bleach DIYs outside to avoid breathing in the fumes of the bleach, and wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from the harsh chemicals!

Bleach Tie-Dye
Photo posted by @annakarl117 on TikTok
Photo posted by @annakarl117 on TikTok

This DIY uses a simple tie-dye technique, but with a twist! Instead of using multi-colored dyes on light-colored clothing, try using bleach on a black garment. Many TikTokers use a gel bleach like this one. Twist your sweatshirt into a puck shape (or whatever typical tie-dye twist you prefer), rubber band it into place and pour the bleach onto the different sections created by the rubber bands. Once you’re done, let the sweatshirt sit for 10-30 minutes depending on the results you want (check on it every 5-10 minutes). When it looks good to you, wash it in cold water by itself and let it air dry.

Helpful tip: If you don’t have any gel bleach around, 3/4 cup water and 1/4 cup bleach mixed in a spray bottle should work just fine, too. This is also a great way to create a splattered bleach effect.

Rainbow Jeans
Photo posted by @dahliaraz on TikTok

For this DIY, all you’ll need are some white jeans and a large tie-dye kit. Properly mix the dyes with water following the instructions on the kit, then spray them in any pattern you see fit on the jeans. No twisting or rubber bands required. Continue to follow the instructions and boom! A one-of-a-kind piece for your closet.

Painted Pockets
Photo posted by @ainsyeet2 on TikTok

This DIY will leave you with a completely unique denim garment. First, tape off the section of the denim that you’re going to paint (or freestyle it… it’s up to you!) and then begin painting your design. Many TikTokers will use regular craft paint, but many craft sites say that mixing acrylic paint with a fabric medium is best in order to prevent the design from flaking or washing off as you wear it. After you’re done painting, allow it to dry and you’re done!

Embroidered Zipper
Photo posted by @ace_of_spades_13 on TikTok

This is an easy DIY that only requires an embroidery needle and thread. This TikToker chose the inside part of the zipper on their jeans as the location for their cheeky message and used a simple backstitch to write it out.

Bleach Pen Designs
Photo posted by @yerbamatewhore11 on TikTok
Photo posted by @yerbamatewhore11 on TikTok

This DIY is super simple. All you need is a bleach pen and a marker. Draw whatever design you would like on your garment of clothing with a regular marker (decorating just one pant leg has been a huge trend recently) and then trace over it with the bleach pen. Allow the bleach to develop and wash it in cold water afterward.

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