Combating Senioritis


As I’m writing this article after a 14-hour homework binge, I’m open to share my sincere and carefully constructed rules on combating senioritis.

Take a break

Everyone needs a break, but when your battling senioritis, it seems like you need one all the time.  According to the “College Study Guide,” by the Librarians, it’s better to take a break from your work than attempting to do your work while distracted.  Think about it: If you are feeling fatigued and decide to take a break, there’s a chance you can come back rejuvenated and ready to work, whereas if you’re working on your paper while your Facebook and Twitter tabs are open, a two hour project stretches to five and now you’re ready to late-drop the class.

If the time permits, make your break worth you while.  Take the time to eat out with friends or exercise as a chance to get out of the room or apartment. Watching TV can also be a sweet escape but making a distinction between “workspace” and “playspace” can be more effective when channeling study mode.

Do your work when you feel like it

Take advantage of those rare occasions when you feel like a productive student and getting your work done.  Instead of just completing the assigned homework for the next day, see if you can knock out assignments from other classes due later in the week.  I know it’s tempting to lounge after finally completing an assignment, but more often than not, you end up swamped with assignments you didn’t even know you had later in the week landing you back in the senioritis slump. 

Choose your absences wisely

The keyword here is wisely.  Missing a full day of class to sleep in isn’t wise but rationalizing the severity of your absence is a good start. If you do intend on skipping class, it is still important to figure out what you will accomplish during the time you took off.  It’s also a good idea to look ahead in your class syllabus to see if there are any days you can afford to miss.  Also, make sure you have a note-buddy because some teachers can be firm when it comes to providing lectures after you’ve missed a class.

Pat yourself on the back

At times, it may seem frustrating and even depressing but consider yourself one of the chosen few; college isn’t for everyone (i.e Kanye West’s “College Dropout” album).  Among learning the skills and applications you will need to succeed in the real world, you have mastered the art of late night assignments, last minute papers and at least one 8 a.m. class during your college career. Being a senior is the closest thing to your college diploma so hold on, we’re almost there.

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