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It is official. The fashion trends from our childhood are finally being brought back into style. From the colorful cropped camisoles to sweater vests and dare I even say low rise jeans, the 2000s are officially back for the time being.

Paris Hilton approved clothes aside, one accessory from the beloved era that has been growing in popularity is the nostalgic beaded letter bracelets. Luckily for us, these bracelets are super easy and fun to make and can be customized to say whatever your heart desires.

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Priced at upwards of $15 at most retail stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, these bracelets can be made in only a few minutes for a mere fraction of the price.

Making your own letter bracelets will not only save money but will be the perfect way to keep yourself busy during this pandemic. By channeling your inner creativity, the possibilities of word and color combinations are endless and bound to be adorable. Head over to your local craft store and get ready to make your own arm candy.

What You’ll Need:
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What You’ll Do:
  1. Cut eight-inch piece of elastic cord per bracelet
  2. String a mix of accent beads onto half of the bracelet
  3. String alphabet beads onto the middle section of the bracelet to spell your desired word
  4. String other half of the accent beads onto the other side of the bracelet
  5. Double knot both ends of the bracelet to secure beads into place
  6. Add bracelet clasps to both ends of the elastic cord, or simply double knot the ends together

These bracelets are a great way to add some originality to your jewelry collection as they can display anything from your nickname, club logos, to the name of your celebrity crush.

Even though you may want all of these cute bracelets for your own wrist, with Christmas creeping up, they make the perfect personalized gift for all of your trend-loving friends.

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