The Best Mental Health Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Nowadays, it can be a scary place to be if you have been struggling lately. Watching the highlight reel of everyone’s lives isn’t always good for mental health. That’s why VALLEY has compiled a list of all the Instagram accounts that will brighten up your feed and hopefully your day. Balance is key.

1. @wetheurban

This Instagram account is a black-owned, self-help account that posts encouraging and insightful words. They do everything from offering advice to giving mantras to live by. They also specialize in speaking out on important issues regarding marginalized groups. Their bio reads: “Celebrating self-love, inclusivity, & marginalized voices. Our posts have proven to boost personal power by 1000%.”

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2. @alex

Alex Elle is a wellness educator who specializes in self-love and healing. She posts daily encouragements and advice writings and she creates reels about her journey, all in pursuit of helping others. She is a bestselling author and she has a podcast called “This Morning Walk.” She is currently promoting her new book, titled How We Heal.

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3. @theofficialsadghostclub

The Sad Ghost Club is an organization that posts comics, drawings and paintings that promote mental health awareness. Some of their posts center around relatable feelings of people struggling with mental health, while others are meant to give support and hope. You can also shop for merchandise at their online store which helps keep them creating content and community for those in need.

Image from @sadghostclub from Instagram
4. @choosing.positivity

This Instagram account describes themselves as “here to spread positivity and happiness like it’s confetti.” This page reposts writings from Tumblr that give helpful insight into friendships, relationships, productivity and life in general. If you’re ever in need of a shift in perspective, this is the perfect account for it!

Image from @sadghostclub from Instagram
5. @writers

Sometimes, the most therapeutic thing we can do for ourselves is express our feelings. Writers can submit their work into the account, and they choose which ones to post. This account will put into words every feeling a person has ever had in order to make their readers feel seen. 

Images from @writers from Instagram
6. @dog

This account solely exists for good vibes and brightening your day, no matter what mood you are in. Everyday, this Instagram account posts the cutest videos of furry friends that’ll surely give your mood a lift. Unsurprisingly, this account that shows the highlights of having a dog has amassed 2.6 millions followers.

Image from @dog on Instagram
7. @doodlegems

Instagram can be the perfect place to show your creative side while spreading love. That’s exactly what this LGBTQ+ artist does by posting their graphic designs. If you’re looking for cute doodles with a positive message to send to the people you love, this one’s for you.

Image from @doodlegems on Instagram
8. @itslennnie

Lennie is everyone’s favorite blob on Instagram, purely on the internet to be a force of positivity. This is what this world needs more of. In the videos featured on this account, Lennie offers helpful advice and encouraging words. He’s the perfect blob to lend a kind word when you’re having a bad day. His bio reads, “hi my name’s lennie. i am a little blob just trying to help u get through the day.”

Image from @itslennnie on Instagram
9. @backfromtheborderline

This is an account that is specifically targeted to those with borderline personality disorder, but it can be healing for anyone who needs it. This account that doubles as a podcast posts graphic designs and heartening messages that are sure to lift your spirits. Having a debilitating illness that infiltrates every part of one’s life, such as a personality disorder, is something that is seldom talked about. This is one of the best accounts on Instagram to help those who are underrepresented in the mental health community feel seen.

Image from @backfromborderline on Instagram

In the past few years, mental health has been talked about more and more. As mental health becomes more normalized, it is important to honor everyones struggles, and Instagram can achieve that for the internet generation. Let’s all stay aware of how our words and actions can affect others. Just remember that the best tool for healing is giving and receiving kindness.

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