The Art of Layering

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The bitter State College winter has arrived, which, if we’re being honest, has been upon us since November. The cold doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon and the walks to class aren’t getting any shorter, so we must learn to adapt to these arctic conditions. Layering is a must if you’re going to survive and VALLEY has some tips to help you layer in the most stylish way.

One lifestyle influencer that has been all over TikTok recently is Lauren Wolfe. The hot girl fashion influencer niche on the app is at the brim with so many options of accounts to watch and envy. Wolfe’s specialty, though, is the art of layering.

However, if you also adhere to a strictly sweats wardrobe, we have the guide for you!

1. Tank top and leggings as your base layer

Depending on how freezing it is, this layer can either be with thinner or thicker materials—it’s up to you! If it’s extra cold, thermal fleece-lined leggings are perfect. If it’s a more bearable day, swap the leggings for biker shorts or boy shorts and the tank for a bra top or sports bra.

Here’s some example of the pieces and where to find them.

SKIMS Cotton Lounge Bundle

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This set is definitely worth the investment and is sure to become your new closet staples. They are perfect for layering, thin but not see-through and very flattering. 

Princess Polly Rachel Set (Brown)

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2. Rock your favorite sweats

Layer on top your go-to Penn State hoodie and sweatpants or a cute matching set!

Cider “Penn State” Bear Sweatshirt

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PacSun Classic Sweatpants

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3. A winter coat is a must

Wear your favorite jacket or coat, preferably one that’s mid-thigh length or longer if it’s below 50 degrees. A hood is also a plus if your sweatshirt doesn’t have one.

4. Accessorize with your favorite beanie, gloves and scarf

ADIDAS Trefoil Womens Beanie

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Free People Long Weekend Waffle Scarf

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Stay warm Penn State!


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