What We Learned From 2021 Christmas Hauls

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Ever since TikTok rose to fame, Christmas hauls have been trending around the holiday season. Usually, Christmas hauls were posted on YouTube but now influencers have taken on shorter videos to show what they received from Santa.

There are always a couple of items that people get consistently which start trends such as the Dyson Airwrap that everyone was raving about this past Christmas. Want to see what other trends came from the hauls? Keep reading to find out!

Black And Brown Puffers
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Puffer jackets have been making a reappearance for the cold months. Black and brown have been the common colors to purchase. Not only have puffer jackets been in, but puffer vests will soon replace the jackets when spring comes around. Stores such as Alo were constantly making appearances in the TikTok hauls as they come out with new puffer colors regularly. To check out what they have in stock, click here!

Platform Uggs
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The Uggs trend has most definitely not died down. Before Christmas, people were raving about the mini Uggs that fell just below your ankle. Since the Christmas hauls have come out, platform Uggs have been taking over. As they have become more popular, the chance of getting them on the website is slim unless you keep up with the restock. If you are interested in other colors rather than the basic chestnut, check out their website for more options.

Sol de Janeiro Stellar Celebrations Set
Photo from Pinterest

Sol de Janeiro’s body butters and creams made appearances all over TikTok this Christmas. Not only did the set include body creams, but also gels, moisturizers and lip balms. The company is known for its tropical smells and rich textures. They sell items both individually and in sets, so if you want to check out what they have in stock, click here!

TikTok has become one of the main platforms for new fashion and beauty products. You can learn about a new product in less than a minute which makes the app so easy and accessible. This past Christmas showed us the new trends and things to treat ourselves with after the giving season.

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