Things You Appreciate More in College

Dad HandBefore coming to college, everyone is used to having certain luxuries. However, once you’re on your own and everything around you changes, you start to appreciate certain things more than you ever have before in your life.

Mom’s cooking

All of our mom’s might not be the best cooks in the world (hi mom). And maybe some of them burn everything they touch  (hi mom). But right now we are all regretting the nights we begged them to order pizza instead of appreciating a home cooked meal. I’d do anything for a steak on a weekday.

A 70 percent

Most kids that attend Penn State weren’t familiar to seeing C’s all over their report cards in high school. However, when you’re taking Math 141, Chem 112, and Microbio 201, and you some how pulled off a 70% on a test… That’s going up on the fridge!

Toilet paper

Everyone wants to slap those stupid bears on the Charmin Ultra commercials, but I think we are all hugging our rolls of toilet paper when we get home during break after being forced to use sandpaper on our bums all year.

Knowing the television channels on your home TV

Seriously. Why is it always such a struggle everyday trying to find the channels I want to watch! Where is ABC!? I just want to watch stupid Juan Pablo break some hearts on The Bachelor! Eess Okay I guess I have to Google the channel directory…again.

Having no plans

Your liver: “THANK YOU!!!!!”

A library

Most people probably never owned a library card or probably never even knew where the library in their town was. But now in college, students spend hours in the library! Whether you are studying for hours, checking out books, or taking a little snooze on those comfy chairs, you appreciate the peace and quiet.


In high school we all dreaded doing homework, but you better appreciate all that homework you’re getting in college now! It’s the only thing boosting your grade up and keeping you from failing out this semester!

That Stupid ugly scarf your grandma bought for you

How cold does it have to get for you to be okay with public embarrassment? If it’s zero degrees out, I’d wear a clown suit to class if it kept me warm.

Photo by Sam Florio


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