State College Spots to Appreciate the Fall Outdoors

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With rigorous online classes and the pandemic continuing, many students are finding themselves stuck in their dorms or apartments all day. This is a shame because autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in State College. It is essential to try to get outside to improve mental health, lessen stress, and get fresh air. VALLEY found a bunch of different places in and around State College to appreciate the changing leaves and cool air of fall.

Way Fruit Farm
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Although Way Fruit Farm is about a 20-25 minute drive from campus, the fresh apple cider is hard to beat. This is a perfect spot to pick apples or get a wagon ride through the pumpkin patch. Plus, it is always important to support small businesses!

Shingletown Gap
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Shingletown Gap is a great place for those who love hikes. There are tons of different paths through the scenic forest next to different streams. This is perfect for those who like the clean air of a hike and looking at all the different leaves changing colors. Entrances are only miles from downtown.

Jo Hays Vista
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Jo Hays is a scenic lookout off of the highway about six miles from campus. It provides a beautiful view of State College and the surrounding areas, as well as all of the changing leaves. It also has many trails leading off of it with different lookouts from those as well for those who are more adventurous.

The Arboretum
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For those who are unable to get off of campus, the Arboretum is the perfect spot. Located across the street from the Business Building and East Halls, the Arboretum has a variety of different gardens and lawns to relax in. Many students love to take advantage of the central main lawn to have a picnic or even get some work done outside. Although the annual pumpkin carving contest does not seem to be happening due to COVID, it is still all decorated with fall decor and plenty of different pumpkins and gourds.

Hintz Alumni Garden
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The Alumni Garden is also a great on-campus option. There are large lawns to stretch out on, as well as gazebos to sit and eat in. Aside from all of the flowers and specifically curated plants throughout the gardens, there are also ducks and turtles that enjoy the pond that is always fun to see.

It is super important to get outside and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Although the school can make it difficult, it is essential. There is a variety of different places around State College with a bunch of activities. Autumn is a beautiful season in central Pennsylvania and it is always too short to let pass without appreciating.

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