Hidden Gems at Trader Joe’s: Holiday Edition

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Trader Joe’s is known for its noteworthy food, snacks and seasonings. They also always offer a variety of seasonal goods that have become fan favorites. With everything pumpkin-spice now officially leaving stores for the holiday season, there are plenty of exciting and new products to look out for at Trader Joe’s during the next two months.

Everything Egg Nog
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Egg Nog is a classic fan favorite when it comes to holiday drinks. Trader Joe’s is offering a wide variety of egg nog products this holiday season, so if egg nog is your thing, this one is for you. In the yogurt section, Trader Joe’s is offering a unique twist to the classic treat. There’s a whole milk egg nog flavored Greek yogurt. For those that are dairy free or vegan, Trader Joe’s also has a cultured coconut milk nog-flavored yogurt. For those who are of age, they also sell an Egg Nog Liquor, perfect for any holiday gathering.

Almond Milk … With a Peppermint Twist
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Trader Joe’s now offers a Chocolate Peppermint Almond beverage! The non-dairy drink is a mix of smooth chocolate and peppermint flavor, and whether you want to spice up your morning coffee or drink the beverage on its own, it’s a sure to be a seasonal favorite.

For Your Sweet Tooth
Photo posted by @traderjoesglutenfree on Instagram
Photo posted by @traderjoesobsessed on Instagram

The holidays are meant for sweet and savory treats, and Trader Joe’s is offering a variety of seasonal goods that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s now come in a candy cane flavor and are gluten free. Some of the other goodies around this year are peppermint bark popcorn, peppermint pretzel slims, as well as Scandinavian Tidings gummy candies.

Advent Calendars
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Advent calendars are a common holiday tradition, and you can find a variety of them at Trader Joe’s this season. For chocolate lovers, chocolate advent calendars are perfect for you. Be on the look out for these closer to December!

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