Your Ultimate White Out 2020 Playlist

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You know what time of year it is… football season! With the Big 10 agreeing to a 2020 season with no fans, the student section is going to look a little different. Grab your friends, favorite tailgate food and jam out to this playlist below!

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1. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

One word: iconic. One of Penn State’s best songs for students to sing in the student section, “Sweet Caroline” remains a favorite.

2. POWER by Kanye West

This song is the PERFECT song to get you hyped up for game days. The catchy, yet rhythmic beat leaves Penn State students totally thrilled to watch the game with friends.

3. Fight On State by the Penn State Blue Band

Just when you thought you would never hear the tunes of the Blue Band again, think differently! The Penn State Blue Band’s songs have gone virtual—which makes it perfect for your tailgates that unfortunately will not be at Beaver Stadium this year. Roar, lions, roar!

4. Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

Trust VALLEY on this one—”Build Me Up Buttercup” is the perfect happy-go-lucky song that will bring your tailgate to life. Turn this song on and you’re sure to make your fellow tailgaters get up and dance.

5. Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band

Where can you go wrong with “Chicken Fried”? Simply put, “Chicken Fried” is yet another classic by the Zac Brown Band. Jam out to this song with your friends and make a DIY chicken basket in celebration of game day!

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