The Perfect Fall Ambiance

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You walk outside. The air is crisp, and the leaves are falling. It’s officially fall! Sometimes, time can catch up with you and before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving — and then the holiday season rolls around. Here are some of the best ways to decorate your living space and get into the fall spirit!

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Lights are a great way to warm up a space and make it feel cozy. Some great options are fairy lights or pumpkin lights! Target also has special effect light machines if you want more of a Halloween vibe to project onto your walls. 

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The most festive decor: pumpkins! Whether it’s in the grocery store, the farmers market or going to a pumpkin patch, there are so many places to pick pumpkins. Get some squashes and gourds as well to create the perfect festive fall atmosphere!

Pine Cones
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Pine cones are a good way to bring about a rustic, woodsy feel to your space. If you want your space to smell warm and cozy, grab some cinnamon pine cones at the grocery store. 

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One of the most fun parts about fall decor is the candles. Lighting candles makes a space cozy and more inviting. In the fall, you can either go for sweet scents or woodsy scents. Bath and Bodyworks has great options, as well as Marshall’s and Home Goods. 

Throw Pillows
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To bring some color to the couch or the bed, buy some throw pillows with fall designs! Prefer the more simplistic route? Get some pillow inserts and use pillow covers that match the theme of your decor.

6. Throw Blankets
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Throw blankets can truly tie a space together, whether over the bed or in the living room. Plaid patterns and knits are great options for fall. Marshall’s and HomeGoods have easy, affordable options! 

Candy Bowls
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If you’re a sucker for candy, candy bowls are a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit — and to always have a sweet treat around! 

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Mums are the quintessential fall flower! They look great on a front porch or indoors on display with some hay stacks and pumpkins.

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If you have a fireplace, lighting the fire creates a real homey and warm feel! It’s also a great way to stay warm as the weather gets cooler. If you don’t have a fireplace, streaming a fireplace onto your TV creates nearly the same effect!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is an easy place to incorporate fall decor. Whether it be fall kitchen towels, a vase of sunflowers to brighten up the space, more pumpkins or even getting some pumpkin mugs, the kitchen is a fun space to play around with.

Garland and Vase Fillers
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Leaf garland brings that outdoor feel indoors, creating a nice fall aesthetic. You could also incorporate dried flowers, leaves and pampas grass into your decor, putting them into a vase to get more of that fall bohemian feel!

If you try out any of these decor options, tag us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram and show off your space!

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