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Everybody loves a good night-in with their besties, especially when it comes to Galentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate than with a playlist full of songs that remind you of your strength and independence? This one’s all about girl power — you won’t want to stop listening!

The Classics

Some songs are pretty obvious contenders for a feminist hype-up playlist, especially “Confident” by Demi Lovato. Add in the classics like “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce and “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls and you’re on your way to a fun night. Just don’t forget to include Lady Gaga in some form — we especially recommend “Born This Way.”

The Special Exceptions

What’s a girls’ Valentine’s Day playlist without some MARINA? The entire “Electra Heart” album — honorable mention: “Homewrecker” — is a concept album about the portrayal of women in American pop culture, so it really fits right in with the vibes of the night.

Follow those up with Ariana Grande’s famous hit, “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” and Taylor Swift’s iconic “Better Than Revenge.” While both songs serve up a girl code controversy on a silver platter, all women get a pass on Galentine’s Day.

The New Classics

While the previous recommendations were obvious classic girls’ night choices, the next few are by artists who we guarantee will be on the same lists in a few years. Dua Lipa may be relatively new to the scene, but no song has done what “New Rules” did for us. This is one you can’t not have on your queue, plus the honorable mention, “IDGAF.”

Lizzo took the world by storm with her hit “Truth Hurts,” which Gina Rodriguez showed us in “Someone Great.” It’s the song to jam out to with your friends, and almost all of her songs have that scream factor. Try “Juice,” “Tempo,” or “Good as Hell” — they all have the perfect effect.

Everybody knows Doja Cat’s music is nothing but hype music that makes you feel like your best and most powerful self. “Ain’t Shit” is especially empowering, and definitely a good reminder for yourself the night before Valentine’s Day.

The Underground Hits

Our next section is comprised of lesser-known artists who mostly promote their music on social media. We’re starting with Charlotte Lawrence, who saw a wave of recognition for her song “Why Do You Love Me” thanks to Instagram promotions in 2020. Good thing, too, because this song really gives off bad bitch energy.

Getting bored of your side piece lately? Thanks to the TikTok algorithm, Dasha’s got you covered with “More Than This,” the perfect song to sing with your friends who will always make you have more fun than your current fling.

Another one of the artists whose music rose to popularity through TikTok is Abigail Barlow. You know her as one half of the duo behind TikTok’s “Bridgerton” musical, but did you realize she’s been writing her own music long before that? “Heartbreak Hotel” was released with that first wave of quarantine TikTok songs in 2020, but still doesn’t get the hype it deserves. Give this one a listen and you’ll definitely agree.

Our final recommendation is “EAT SPIT!” by Slush Puppy and Royal & the Serpent. This song may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but sometimes some genre-bending is necessary when the lyrics are just so good. Originally promoted on TikTok, this “hyper pop screamo” is an ideal hype-up song.

Honorable Mentions

VALLEY really wanted to include Olivia Rodrigo in here somewhere; her “SOUR” album is definitely one for the girls. However, the majority of the album gives off sad/angry breakup vibes, so she just doesn’t fit the vibe of the night.

We also wanted to give a quick shoutout to Britney Spears, whose music could definitely be squeezed in here somewhere. Every woman should get the chance to embody “Britney Bitch” on Galentine’s Day.

With these songs under your belt, starting a playlist for your girls’ night won’t be hard, and Spotify’s recommendations will make it even easier for you to keep adding to the queue. Be sure to tag us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram and let us know what songs will be on your Galentine’s playlist!


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