Joe Burrow: Making Super Bowl Sunday for the Girls

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It’s the most highly anticipated day of the year — Super Bowl Sunday. At this point, it should be considered a national holiday. The Chick-Fil-A catering spreads, betting your money on every aspect of the game and, of course, the ads that are (arguably) more important than the game itself. While these things all give us something to look forward to, this year more than ever we have a reason to pay attention to the actual game: Joe Burrow. 

“As Tough As It Comes”

Unless you’re a diehard football fanatic, Burrow came out of the blue and stole our hearts in an instant. For those of us who have been watching him since his OSU days, it’s no surprise that he’s a star today. But don’t worry, Joe, just because you’re a Buckeye doesn’t mean we love you any less. After a DM to a recruiter asking about training camps, Burrow landed himself at LSU, then to the one-and-only Heisman trophy and is now leading the Cincinnati Bengals to a Californian Superbowl. 

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So, what is it about this guy that is giving everyone flashbacks to our One Direction fan-girl days? Well, for starters, he’s good at his job. According to an article by ESPN, Burrow is a linebacker at heart, despite his skill as a quarterback. The addition of this defensive mindset to an offensive position makes him that much more valuable to any team that has been lucky to have him thus far, whether it has been in Cincinnati or not. 

While some of us are seasoned professionals with this whole football thing, some of us are… well, not. So, before you hit the couch for game day and forget that it’s not just “Joe Burrr” on the screen, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Superbowl. 

“Cartier Glasses, I Won’t Even Peek At You”

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but sorry boys — this year the Super Bowl is for the girls. With arguably some of the best pre and post-game fits to hit the scene this year, everyone needs to be taking notes on how to stunt like Burrow. It was the blue fur coat from heaven and Cartier glasses that won us over. VALLEY is also anticipating a locker room fit for the ages on Super Bowl Sunday. While Burrow is unfortunately taken (sigh), there’s no reason why we still can’t drool over him as he takes on the Rams on Feb. 22. 

So ladies and gents, can we all just take a moment for Joe Burrow:

And with that, we rest our case. 

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