Netflix’s “Cheer” Makes Its Return

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At the beginning of 2020, Netflix released a docuseries that captured the attention of the entire nation. “Cheer” quickly became a hit among audiences of all ages and occupations. If you didn’t think cheerleading was a “real” sport before, this show was sure to change your mind.

Exactly two years after the release of the first season, Netflix came out with the long-awaited second season of “Cheer” at the beginning of this month.

The second season once again follows the infamous Navarro Junior College team as they prepare for the biggest competition in college cheerleading — the NCA College Nationals, more often referred to in the show as “Daytona.”

Coached by 14 national champion title holder Monica Aldama, the Navarro team showed the watchers of the series exactly why they’re champs. Viewers were once again left in awe as we witnessed the incredible difficulty of the stunts and tumbling performed by these athletes.

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However, this season of cheer brought a lot of change with it. New faces, new drama, new protocols and most importantly: a new team.

This time around, Navarro was not the only team in the “Cheer” spotlight. This new season of the docuseries shared the screen time with a college close in proximity to Navarro. Not to mention, their biggest rival.

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Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) has been competing against Navarro at Daytona for over a decade. Navarro may have beat them in 2019, but that hasn’t always been the case.

The docuseries highlighted the team’s immense talent and unrelenting motivation to win. It was clear that TVCC were not underdogs, but real competition for Navarro. You can imagine the suspense that built up when the teams went head-to-head at Daytona in 2021 towards the end of the season.

“Cheer” is not only about cheer, believe it or not. The docuseries delves into the lives of the coaches, athletes, parents and anyone else involved in the chaotic cheer world. This new season brought to light some very serious subject matter that added another dimension of reality to the series.

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Aldama and her team had to learn to balance their newfound fame and publicity with the demanding lifestyle of a professional cheerleading team. They had to navigate a new world where the coronavirus can cancel the one competition they practice all year for. They had to grapple with the idea that one of their most beloved teammates was hiding an unforgivable secret.

We won’t give too much away, but we can assure you that season two of “Cheer” is worth the watch.



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