Six Relationships You See in College

College can be a pretty interesting place full of young people from all different backgrounds. That’s why the dating game is super weird on college campuses. For some, it’s the perfect place to find the one you’ve been looking for, while others are just enjoying the ride.

Wherever you stand in the world of relationships, these are the six relationships you are almost guaranteed to encounter in college:

1. The Couple That is So Happy, That Everyone Hates Them

These two have been dating since freshman year. It was practically love at first sight. They are madly in love, and to those of us who aren’t, we kind of hate them in some way. Is it just jealousy or all the PDA? This couple will probably get married in the campus chapel and have three poster children who will follow in their parents’ footsteps, attending Penn State where their parents fell in love. How cute?

2. The Open Relationship

This arrangement seems to be a favorite among college students. This couple was in a relationship in high school and couldn’t stand the thought of throwing it all away, yet they don’t want a relationship holding them back in college. So, they talk all the time, but when the weekend comes, it is their time to be single and have fun without any strings attached. The concept seems a little strange, but couples will do whatever is necessary to survive!

3. The Chronic Cheaters

This couple cheats on each other left and right to get even. At this point, no one knows why they are still together. Maybe they should be testing out the open relationship instead of dragging the truly single into their mess.

4. The Hung-Up Ex

Now this is a pretty tragic relationship. One person took the fall of the breakup a lot harder than the other and can’t seem to let go of their ex. He or she is still in love and refuses to have any fun because of it. Apparently, this ex enjoys sitting in their room crying into a pint of ice cream every weekend, preferring a pity party over a frat party.

5. The Committed Long-Distance Couple

This couple is amazing. They can truly love each other from miles apart, and nothing makes them happier than committing to their relationship. They live for their video chats and rare weekends spent together. They are super faithful to each other, and everyone is secretly jealous of how strong they are from it.

6. The Anti-Relationship

This is exactly what it sounds like – it isn’t exactly a relationship, but a population. This is a rather common community of kids who love having fun and being single in an environment that is swamped with singles. Oftentimes, they find a new fling each weekend. They may be afraid of commitment and ignore that fact by burying their emotions in random hookups.


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