Playa Bowls Comes to Penn State

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For the people who have a special place in their heart for the Jersey Shore, people looking to stick to a healthy diet this year or those who just love a refreshing meal will be happy to know that Playa Bowls recently opened in downtown State College. When you walk into the location at 482 East Calder Way, you’ll forget that you live in the arctic climate that is State College. The upbeat music and beachy vibes help you channel your inner surfer persona and make you feel like you’re in paradise. Native to New Jersey, Playa Bowls is a chain that focuses on healthy foods served in bowls, like açaí bowls.   

Photo posted by @playabowlspennstate on Instagram.

We all love a good açaí bowl, but does anyone really know what it is? Probably not. According to Playa Bowls’ website, the fan-favorite açaí that we know is, “a dark purple berry from in the jungles of the Brazilian Amazon. Cut down by hand from the tall palms that line the Amazon. Packed with powerful antioxidants, healthy omegas and healthy fats. A staple in any Brazilians diet for centuries, we are proud to carry on the tradition and benefits of this amazing little berry with so many people.” If you’ve never tried an açaí bowl, now is the time. 

Playa Bowls goes beyond the basic açaí bowl, though. The menu offers a variety of options from smoothies and juices, to green (kale) bowls, pitaya (dragonfruit) bowls, chia pudding bowls and banana bowls, to oatmeal and even poké bowls. As far as poké, This Hawaiian dish consists of diced raw fish served over rice with an assortment of vegetables and other tasty toppings. It’s like sushi in a bowl, and it is super popular right now. 

Photo posted by @playa_poke on Instagram.

You’ll want to try everything on the menu, but nothing seems to top the Nutella bowl. Covered with strawberries, bananas, coconut and Nutella of course, this bowl will make you want to eat these healthy, Insta-worthy meals all the time. If you’re looking for a step up from Jamba Juice and poké from Hibachi San in the HUB, Playa Bowls will be your new go-to spot.

Playa Bowls’ Instagram accounts will make you want to try it out just so you can post a pic of your own and add those beachy vibes to your feed. If you aren’t sure if it’s worth trying, looking at their aesthetic and hashtag, #GoBowlsDeep, will be enough to convince you. Check them out: @playabowlspennstate @playabowls @playa_poke — you won’t be disappointed! 

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