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After a long and stressful day of going to class, working and trekking across campus, we all look forward to curling up in our room with some snacks and Netflix. When we are reminded of all the assignments and exams piling up on the Canvas to-do list, we instantly begin to stress and turn our relaxing room into a hazardous homework zone. VALLEY put together a few ways you can turn your bedroom into a quiet, stress-free living and sleeping space.

 Essential Oils Are Essential

Certain smells can actually cause you to de-stress – lavender, mint, chamomile and vanilla are just some examples. If any of those smells appeal to you, look into purchasing an oil diffuser for your bedroom.

Essential oils, especially lavender, are proven to not only alleviate stress, but also anxiety and depression. According to Life Hack blogger Claudia Smith, essential oils help induce sleep, relieve stress and even kill bacteria and mold within your room. Feeling a little under the weather? Some essential oils can even unclog your sinuses when you’re ill.

Urban Outfitters, Walmart and Amazon are all great places to purchase high-quality oil diffusers that come with starting oils.

You Can Never Have Too Many Candles

Going along with the concept of stress-relieving scents, candles work in the same way as essential oils. While the smell of a candle can help stimulate relaxation in the mind, the sight of the flame and the sound of the flicker can also cause the body to unwind.

Bath & Body Works is known for their mouth-watering scented candles. Now that winter is in full swing, Bath and Body Works sells scents that include Twisted Peppermint, Sweater Weather and Vanilla Bean Noël – all of which are sure to relax your mind and make you crave the Christmas season.

Be aware that if you live in a dorm room, you are not allowed to light any candles. If this is the case, an essential oil diffuser or room spray may be for you.

The Power Of Lighting

Any type of harsh light can make the body feel even more stressed, especially when we are tired and our eyes are starting to glaze over. When your light bulbs go out, try purchasing soft light fluorescent bulbs or replacing the ones you already have.

These light bulbs can be found at Walmart. If you need your light on to get ready for bed, study or read, try switching to a softer light and you will see the difference – no pun intended.

White Noise

When you finally get back from the crowded and loud campus, the last thing you may want is to hear more noise. However, having some sort of white noise play in the background while you study or try to sleep can actually cause you to relax more.

White noises include the sound of a fan, a sound machine that plays ocean sounds or the sound of rain. There are even apps you can download on your phone that will play these noises until you fall asleep and then automatically turn off. VALLEY recommends the app Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds.

Some Extra Helpful Tips

Besides items that you actually have to purchase in order to help de-stress, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you create a relaxing environment in your bedroom without breaking the bank.

  • Don’t study in your bedroom, especially on your bed. Try to study in the library, somewhere on campus, a study lounge in the dorms or in your kitchen. Save your room as your safe space away from work.
  • De-clutter everything. Having a clean room can automatically make you feel less stressed. When your bed is made and your clothes are put away and organized, you will feel like your life is ten times more put-together.
  • Get comfortable! Have a plethora of fuzzy blankets and pillows around you so when you feel stressed, you can melt into your castle of comfort.
  • Keep a nice smelling hand cream by your bed or your desk. When you start to feel stressed out, rub it between your hands slowly and take deep breathes.

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