Lila Yoga Studios: Downtown State College’s Hidden Gem

Ever feel like you need to escape campus to relax and de-stress for a little? Here at Valley, we talked to Erica Kaufman, founder and owner of Lila Yoga Studios in downtown State College, and found out what makes Lila Yoga so special.

“Yoga is unity. Lila is life & cosmic energy that enables everything. Lila Yoga® is unity within life–yoga without borders.”

Most people that regularly practice yoga say that it relieves them of any stress, anxiety or uneasiness that they feel, and Erica is no different. She started practicing yoga at the age of nine with her mother, and stuck with it because of the way that it made her feel. She suffered from problematic eczema and asthma, and practicing yoga taught her to be calm, focused and relaxed.

Erica first ran Lila Yoga Studio in Denver for eight years, and then opened the studio in State College seven years ago. “Each person that teaches here is deeply devoted and brings a unique quality to their classes,” says Kaufman. “We have about 36 classes per week, it’s fabulous!”

Lila Yoga in State College offers a variety of distinctive, creative classes. According to Erica, “All of our classes are Lila Yoga and include ways to a strong body, calm mind and peaceful heart. Lila Yoga emphasizes, encourages, and honors creativity, curiosity and explorations as part of the discovery path.”

There are classes that incorporate dance, classes that focus on spinal explorations and the human body, and even classes with live entertainment from local musicians. Instructor Brandi Rollins, a longtime Lila Yoga teacher, had the idea of practicing in candle light, creating a beautiful and relaxing ambiance.

According to Erica, there are two main characteristics or hallmarks of Lila Yoga:

1. Lila Yoga awakens “prana” (energy) within your yoga practice and your life.

2. Lila Yoga utilizes holistic alignment balancing awareness in anatomy, breath, energy and state of mind.

In addition to all of her accomplishments, Erica has even enriched her passion for yoga by living in India for months at a time and studying yoga there with other State College individuals.

For more information on Lila Yoga Studios and their amazing classes, check out their website and take a class to experience the magic yourself! A yoga class might just be the perfect study break during finals week!