Morphe Launches New Sub-Brand with D’Amelio Sisters

Photo posted by @morphebrushes on Instagram

If you caved like the rest of us during quarantine and downloaded TikTok, The D’Amelio sisters have probably popped up on your “For You Page” more than once. Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have taken the internet by storm over the last year with dances, lip-syncs and now a collaboration with Morphe’s sub-brand Morphe 2.

Photo posted by @morphebrushes on Instagram

Morphe 2 is not just a single makeup line or collection but rather an entire sub-brand aimed at the younger, Gen Z demographic.

The line features minimalistic makeup products such as skin tints, lip oils and blush. Charli ,16, and Dixie, 19, have spoken about wanting to encourage confidence in their fans regardless of how much or how little makeup they wear.

Photo posted by @morphebrushes on Instagram

Morphe has been known in the past to collaborate with makeup artist icons YouTube icons like Jeffree Star, James Charles and Jaclyn Hill.

While Charlie and Dixie’s fans love them for their quirky TikToks and often bare-faced videos, others questioned why Morphe would create a makeup line with them as the face. While the collaboration with Morphe received a lot of positive feedback it did receive a slight amount of backlash.

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Prominent MUAs James Charles and Manny MUA shared their thoughts on Twitter in these two, since-deleted tweets. Both influencers later clarified that their subtweets were in reference to Alicia Key’s new beauty line with e.l.f. cosmetics. Regardless of who the tweet was about, James Charles received criticism for his opinion considering his friendship and previous collabs with the D’Amelio sisters.

It is argued that one of the many up-and-coming MUAs on TikTok was more deserving of such a brand deal. Twitter user @americanyonce agreed with Charles’ tweet and went further to not so subtly call out the D’Amelio sisters collab.

Despite some mixed reviews Morphe 2 has received, the sub-brand has been quite successful with its products selling out on its website. Additionally, the brand has continued to expand Morphe 2 and has introduced more products such as a lip balm, tinted eyebrow gel, and skin illuminator.

Perhaps Charli and Dixie’s natural, no-makeup makeup look is exactly why the makeup empire asked them to be the face of their new sub-brand. When trying to reach a younger, less makeup-experienced audience, who better to do it than two of the most popular Gen Zs with a combined 125 million TikTok followers?

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