Level Up Your Coffee Game

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I am sure we all have had “Single Serve Keruig” on our dorm essential shopping lists before. Some have even fought with their freshman year roommate over who will get to take it to their next apartment. Either way, most of us have been depending on our trusty old Keruig to get us through the early mornings and late nights of the semester for years now. Well, VALLEY is here to tell you that you can do so much better when it comes to your coffee game. 

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Classic Option

While K-cups are super easy and quick to use, brewing just one cup of coffee and discarding plastic containers every time, has a detrimental environmental impact. Luckily for us, the coffee market offers both aesthetic and efficient coffee makers that brew coffee quickly without sacrificing quality or the environment. 


So pitch your Keruig and K-cups, and channel your inner barista with options below.

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The French Press is an affordable option for those of us who like to control the strength of our coffee. By choosing the steep time of fresh grounds, the flavor can be either strong or mellow depending on preference. By the way, did we mention how cute this coffee maker looks on your coffee bar? 

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Drip Coffee is a tried and true approach to brewing that allows for the water to pull out the flavor of the beans better, resulting in more vivid flavors. Just pour boiled water over your carafe and enjoy a bold cup of coffee in minutes!

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The Perculator boils water through the grounds by using gravity until the desired strength is reached. Sounds complicated, but the percolator does all the work for you to guarantee the perfect cup every time. 

The Beans

Once you have your weapon (coffee maker) of choice ready to go, all that is left is your beans. Lighter roasters offer more caffeine, while dark roasters give bolder flavors. From seasonal flavors to coffee shop specials, the variety is guaranteed to have something for everyone. 

Why not support local and try flavors from State’s best coffee shops below?

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The Saint’s Cafe blend features notes of dried fruits, sweet nuts and milk chocolate.

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Rothrock Coffee has specialty roasts included in a variety pack so you can find your favorite flavors!

Coffee is a personal taste, so go ahead and try various options that lead you to your caffeinated oasis. Tag us on Instagram, @VALLEYMag, and post your favorite cup of coffee and how you did it! Happy brewing!


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