Self-Care According to Your Enneagram Personality Type

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How do you practice self-care? While there are many ways to de-stress, some options may work better for one person than another and it may correlate with your personality type. The Enneagram is a personality type test that tells you about your desires, fears and motivations. There are nine different personality types, complete with their own unique quirks and distinct traits. 

Understanding the Enneagram type can help you take better care of yourself and the people around you.  Take the quiz and find out!

Keep reading to see how you can practice self-love according to your personality type!

Type 1

Type 1s are perfectionists and always want to have an objective to complete. They have a strong moral compass and value honesty and authenticity. 

Type 1s can be very hard on themselves when things are not perfect. After you’ve checked off your to-do list for the day, allow yourself to do something in a judgment-free zone. Find a hobby that doesn’t have an objective and let yourself just be. Try journaling as a way to get out your thoughts and let go of what is outside your control.

Type 2

Type 2s are labeled “The Helper” and go out of their way to do things for others. They are empathetic, generous and have a desire to feel loved.

They sometimes forget about their own needs, however, and care for others as a way to feel needed themselves. Nurture yourself and what you want, just as you do for others. Allow yourself to take a break and schedule a complete “me” day spent entirely doing things you love (and have been wanting) to do.

Type 3

Type 3s feel worthy when they are productive and successful. They thrive when they work hard and feel accomplished.

But when you try so hard to keep up a certain image of yourself, you can feel burnt out. Life is about balance, and you don’t have to be doing something all the time. If you’re stressed, talk with a friend or family member about your feelings. Take a break from social media to avoid comparing yourself and find something you love to do when no one is around. Tell yourself that no matter what, you deserve to do things that make you happy.

Type 4

Type 4s are creative, expressive and have a desire to “find themselves and their significance” according to the Enneagram Institute. They are sensitive and deeply believe that there is something different about them.

However, this type can become moody and self-conscious, leading them to withdraw from others and the world around them. Create a gratitude list each morning to remember all of the things you love about your life. Spend time in nature and find a creative outlet that brings you joy. Try something different and find meaning in it.

Type 5

Known as “The Investigator,” this type’s main desire is to be capable and competent. They have a motivation to know and understand, and they dedicate time to learning and working independently.

Type 5s value and need alone time. Watching a documentary by themselves in bed sounds like their ideal night.  However, find a balance and unplug at moments so you are not constantly in your head or consuming knowledge, whether this is through reaching out to a friend or trying a new workout routine.

Type 6

This personality type is trustworthy, committed and security-oriented. They are responsible but constantly plan for the worst-case scenario.

Set aside a time each day where you can focus on the present moment to feel calm and remind yourself that you are safe and secure. This could include writing down positive mantras each day, taking a daily walk or rewatching a favorite movie already knowing it’s a happy ending. You can also find a creative hobby that’s relaxing and allows you to feel safe and in control. Create something just for fun with no rules.

Type 7

Type 7s are optimistic, spontaneous and playful. They are positive and have a love for being busy, but fear feeling deprived or uncomfortable.

Find a balance between play and stillness. Planning a road trip with friends will keep you fulfilled, but don’t constantly distract yourself from the negatives of life. Try completing something you’ve been putting off and bring some fun into it (like playing music while you clean.) While it could feel uncomfortable, allow yourself to have moments alone, maybe through journaling or just silent moments to reflect on your thoughts you might normally push away.

Type 8

This personality type is confident, resourceful and decisive. They do well protecting themselves and others and strive to feel in control.

They can seem aggressive and intimidating to others because they avoid vulnerability in order to seem strong. Working out can be the perfect way to burn off any stress or anger. It’s also healthy to find a safe space, such as in therapy or with a loved one, where you can let your guard down and talk about your feelings, no matter how hard it is.

Type 9

Type 9s are accepting, reassuring, and are motivated by the need to feel at peace, both internally and externally. According to the Enneagram Institute, they want to “create harmony in their environment, to avoid conflicts and tension, to preserve things as they are, to resist whatever would upset or disturb them.”

Type 9s practice self-care through a cozy night at home reading a book or finding alone time in their day to decompress. Nevertheless, another form of self-care for this type is setting boundaries and speaking up. Whether this is simply saying no or voicing your own needs, allow yourself to make your voice heard.

Go on and find your personality type. You might find and understand a multitude of things about yourself and why you are/feel a certain way. Learning this can help in ways of practicing self-love and can go a long way!


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