Keeping it Cool

You change your mind like a girl changes clothes, @mothernature. Yes, I am talking about the fluctuating climate we experience here in State College. One day it is raining, the next snowing, followed by a 96-degree sunny day. As of now, the heat of the summer seems to be lingering on into fall.

Two words: butt. sweat. If you have been in State College for the past two weeks, you know that your days have consisted of walking to class dripping in sweat and changing your shirt at least three times a day. And while some of us may have the luxury of AC in our apartments, there are many of us who don’t. This one’s for you.

Cold Showers

Whether you take one at night, one in the morning, or both, be sure to have that water running as cold as ice.

Frozen Peas

Either a bag of everyone’s least favorite vegetable or the artificial ones you can get at the CVS on College Ave. that were made for just this kind of problem.

Love My Fans

Pick yourself up a decorative fan from Amazon and rock that thing wherever you go. Who cares if it’s extra? If people are laughing at you, then you can laugh right back at them while you’re calm, cool and collected, while they look like they just emerged from a pool of sweat. For less extra, see electronic fans.

Use Any Excuse You Can For Ice Cream

Relive the summer days when you would walk down the street and pick up some ice cream from the truck on the corner. Even though there’s no ice cream truck for miles in State College, you can get a nice frozen treat from Rita’s Italian Ice, Cold Stone Creamery or the classic Penn State go-to, the Berkey Creamery.

Keep Your Diet Chill

Eat cold meals only for the duration of the heat wave. Forget cooking that zucchini on your stove or that pizza in your oven. There is no need to generate extra heat from those sources. Try cold meals such as smoothies, salads and gazpachos.


Complaints should not be made — for winter will be here before we know it. Soon enough the only heat we’ll be feeling is the strange heat evaporating from the grates on the campus sidewalks. So get that vitamin D, maybe find a pool, but ultimately try these tips to stay cool!


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