Penn State Weather As Told by Spongebob Squarepants

Right now, we all know it’s pretty hot out for Happy Valley. But come winter time, we’re all going to be wishing for those sweaty brows and flip flops again. For now, instead of roasting in the sun, sit under a tree and enjoy this short-lived Penn State weather as told by Spongebob Squarepants.

When you first walk outside and it’s a beautiful, sunny day
Then it’s noon and you didn’t realize the high was going to be 132 degrees
You get a tan walking to class and people ask you where you went. “Oh, I went to Willard.”
Also while walking to class, you not only tan but accumulate a large amount of body sweat on your walk.
The weather eventually gets a little cooler and you realize that fall is on the way.
Boots, pumpkin spice, football, Halloween and sweaters.
Do you need any other reasons?
Then it’s the first week of November and all of a sudden, it feels like January.
Penn State weather likes to trick us with the sight of the sun even though it actually ends being below freezing outside.
You sit at your desk knowing about the tundra outside and dread having to face it again.
Then December comes and it’s like a Happy Valley snow globe.
But when you have to walk a mile to get to class, it’s not so happy and can sometimes feel like this…
Then, other times you get to enjoy the snow and all the hills that Penn State has to offer.
Making your own snow days is also a great way to disregard the weather when needed.
Then when spring finally hits it’s like:
And there’s always that last snowfall that comes in the middle of April and you’re just like…
But even through all of the rain that hits Penn State…
And all of the warm weather that appears out of nowhere…

We are all still beyond glad that we picked Penn State as our college, no matter what the crazy weather has in store for us.