Life Hacks For A Double Major

What’s the best way to be a stressed out overachiever in college? Have two majors. Double majoring seems to be an increasing trend among college students, hoping that two degrees will give their résumé an edge in the working world. However, two majors comes with two course loads. Typically double majors are not in the same academic colleges, so the basic requirements are not the same. It’s hard to keep track of every single different requirement, but not impossible if you create a way to organize your responsibilities.

Strategically Schedule Classes

Really understand what classes you are signing up for, major requirements and general education classes alike. Sometimes classes need to be taken in a specific time frame for various reasons, and those that do not can be spaced out. If you have a couple 400-level major classes, try to take a 100-level class or two as well. Do not load yourself up with so many hard classes that you end up having three exams, four papers and homework due all in a week’s time. Remember to be careful of those sneaky gen eds that seem easy, too. Many times the class description doesn’t accurately represent what the class will be like. Always get a second opinion, especially from

Be Best Friends With Your Advisor

Get in the habit of visiting with your advisor regularly. They are helpful in finding classes that suit your learning style and subject interests while helping to craft schedules that seem manageable. Also, advisors can help in figuring out all the classes and requirements you have to complete for graduation. You may be surprised to find that classes taken have cross-counted into different required categories.

Don’t Lose Track of Gen Eds

When you are neck deep into the core classes of your majors, it may be hard to remember the couple of gen eds that you left on the back burner. Do not let those come back to haunt you! Throw a few in during semesters where your core classes may be difficult or take them with friends. Either way, when it comes to graduating on time, they are just as important as core classes and shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Organize your daily planner

Write every single thing down — from academic meetings to scheduled homework time, having the days scheduled out in your planner avoids missing or forgetting important due dates and reminders. This is a pretty basic tip for any college student, yet most important for those with a big course load. It is crucial that nothing is neglected, even the easy classes.

Label and Separate Everything

It will be so easy for your life to become unorganized if the time is not taken to sort everything into its own separate piles. Color coordinate, make separate files on your laptop or even get a filing system. Whichever way, organizing will help that feeling of being ‘all over the place.’ When it’s a busy week, the last thing you need to do is sort through every single item in your backpack looking for one specific paper. If it’s organized ahead of time, it will save time and stress. Plus, many times keeping old work and notes can prove to be incredibly valuable later on.


It’s a great amount of work and stress, but you are doing it for a reason. Stay motivated and organized to optimize your results. Many people have graduated with two degrees before. So you can do it too!


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