Joggers: Fashion or Fitness?

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What’s more important when getting dressed: looking cute or being comfortable? This season, cuteness and comfort have come together in the form of joggers. Joggers are often associated with sports and athletics, as they’re worn for workouts or practices for sports teams. However, they have recently become an essential item for going-out and tailgating outfits. So, are joggers meant to be worn for fashion purposes, or should they be saved for fitness purposes? VALLEY will answer that question for you.

We all want to be comfortable in an outfit all day, but to what measures will we dress for that to be achieved? If you’re on the go for a whole day and don’t want to have to stop home and change in order to be more comfortable, it can be best to wear a loose fitting shirt with loose fitting jeans. That way, you’re able to move around and be comfortable while still looking cute. Or, you may want to choose to wear joggers, as they allow you to move around freely without feeling restricted. But are they the best option? Joggers probably aren’t the way to go if you don’t want to give off the impression that you’ve just worked out or that you’re going to work out later.

If you’re planning to tailgate all day and want to be comfortable and trendy, then wearing joggers can be the most ideal choice in that situation. At a big football school like Penn State, most students want to tailgate before a game. This means standing around for hours and then standing in the stadium until the game is over. During all that time, it’s best to wear loose clothes to avoid discomfort. In this situation, joggers can be the best option since they are trendy and give you a sporty look and feel.

In general, if you choose to wear joggers, you give off a sporty or athletic type of vibe. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when choosing an outfit. If you’re able to find creative ways to make joggers more trendy than sporty, definitely go for it!

There’s nothing better than dressing for style, comfort and being able to pull it off. Joggers can definitely lean more toward the athletic look, but it’s possible to make them fashionable.

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