How to Create an At-Home Spa

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Just because most classes are on Zoom doesn’t mean the work is any less difficult. Many have reached the point in the semester where it’s easy to feel burnt out, and taking care of yourself can get tossed to the side when we don’t find the time to unwind.

If you’ve been feeling stressed and on-edge recently (you’re not alone) then let yourself relax for a night and create an at-home spa!

Creating a spa-like setting at home has been scientifically proven to have many benefits according to Creating this setting at home can relax tight muscles, help you sleep better at night, stimulate endorphins to alleviate stress and relieve symptoms of migraine and pain. Carving out time in your day to have this experience can make all the difference in your mood.

VALLEY has provided you with some of the best products to make your DIY spa the most relaxing it can be!

Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps radiate a warm and comforting light, instantly making the room feel welcoming and blissful. While no major studies have confirmed this lamp’s health benefits, the pink salt has been said to release negative ions, purifying the air quality in the room, according to


This one is a given, but simply lighting a candle can make all the difference to help you relax. The flickering flame can create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Pick your favorite candle scent to burn, or choose from one on this list of candles specifically designed to calm you. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to make your room smell good but don’t want to light a flame, you can’t go wrong with one of these! According to, essential oils have a “direct effect on the parts of the brain that control anxiety and stress.” Inhaling these scents can help to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, allowing you to relax. Certain scents have specific benefits. Minty scents like peppermint, can be mentally clarifying, motivating and cooling. A floral scent such as lavender can be comforting and promote rest. Citrus scents like lemon and orange are refreshing, uplifting and can help to balance emotions to reduce anxiety and stress.

Jade Roller

This skincare tool is made out of jade stone that you massage onto your face. Apply it directly, or put oil or lotion on your face and use this roller to smooth it on. Applying this cold stone pressure to your face helps to regulate circulation, decreasing any puffiness and helping you glow. Stick one of these in the fridge overnight, and it can be a cool way to wake yourself up in the morning too.

Facial Steamer

Another tool to cleanse your skin, a facial steamer is perfect for opening up your pores and loosening any dirt, making your face easier to clean. According to, the steam can release sebum, a natural oil which can create acne and blackheads, that is trapped under your skin. This soothing facial steamer can really make your bathroom feel like a true spa.

Robe and Slippers

A spa is not complete without something soft to wear! Throw on a pair of slippers and your comfiest robe for the softest way to relax. While there are so many clothes to choose from, here are two VALLEY recommended options that are both affordable and cozy from Target!

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Self-help and self-love come in many forms, and everyone deserves the right to feel pampered. These items will make you want to turn every night into a spa night!



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