Recharging At Home

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With just four weeks of in-person classes left, it’s safe to say those mid-semester blues have definitely kicked in. If you’re tired of fast-paced college life, taking a quick trip home for a weekend could just be the recharge you need to finish strong this semester.

Escaping campus for the weekend can be for whatever you need it to be. Overwhelmed with work? Need a homecooked meal? Maybe a good night’s sleep? A trip home could not only be your cure-all, but also a much-needed break from the regular weekend activities that you’d be participating in at school.

Here are just five of the many pros that come from a weekend at home:

Family time
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A good night in with your family is totally underrated. Whether it’s watching a movie together, a family game night or just enjoying each other’s company — some quality time with your parents and siblings can really help you ground yourself.

Home-cooked meals
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Whether you’re on a campus-dining plan or cooking for yourself in your apartment, we can all agree that food tastes better when someone else makes it. One of the best parts about visiting home is getting spoiled with home-cooked meals. Tell your loved one you’re craving your favorite dish and you can guarantee it’ll be waiting for you at home.

Your own bed
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A reused dorm twin-XL will never compare to your luxurious bed at home. Spending a few nights in the comfort of your own bed can help get your sleep schedule back on track after weeks of inconsistency.

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No one is more excited to see you walk through the front door than your furry little friend(s). Absolutely no one. In their mind, you’ve been away for years so the pure joy they get from you visiting home is worth the drive. Make sure to soak up all of their unconditional love and attention while you can because saying goodbye will be the hardest part.

Free laundry
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Not having to pay for clean clothes is definitely a luxury many of us take for granted before coming to college. No need to bring quarters or Lioncash, just a hamper full of dirty clothes. If you’re really lucky, your parent might even offer to do it for you!

Don’t think we forgot about out-of-state students. If your home is a plane ride away, visiting a friend’s hometown can be just as refreshing. You still get all the comforts of being home without having to travel across the country! Life as a college student gets tough, don’t be afraid to take a step away and enjoy a weekend at home every once in a while!


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