People Sick vs. Home Sick

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Homesick: a term that every college administration warns you of, every student tries to prevent and every parent consoles. Maybe this adjustment change that’s been feared and engraved in our brains since the Common App days have led some to be misdiagnosed. Maybe, instead, you’re people sick.

There’s a fine line between the two, and in some cases, they co-exist. If you find yourself longing for your home, your hometown, your queen sized bed (because the twin XL does not feel right), the good bagels and all the comfort that it brings, you’re homesick. Sometimes you may not even be missing your physical home. You may be missing the normality, the routine and all things that you associate with your pre-college chapter. These all count, too!

But maybe what you’re missing stems from something else — family movie nights, your previous social life, late night car drives with your girls, dates with your significant other or talking to your favorite high school teacher — more personal connections.

Here are five college signs of being “people sick”:

You call your mom — a lot

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The adulting thing is hard. You’ve found yourself calling your mom for everything from how to schedule a doctor’s appointment to how to tell your roommate she needs to chill. First off, we all should be calling that lady more often. There’s no shame in wanting to reach out to what’s familiar. Moms provide comfort and great advice; reach out and let her guide you through the stressful seasons. She feels most like home.

You fear you won’t meet anyone as great as your high school best friend

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You’re comparing every new person you meet to him/her. Actively analyzing each new friend to see if they have the potential and honor to be your next bestie. They suck for this because they’ve raised the bar so high. Give them a call, too. Be patient. It took you YEARS to develop that friendship, but also be grateful that you have something so special.

You’re looking forward to break plans

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You have methodically planned every day of your homecoming. You’re anxiously awaiting to see these plans go into fruition. Count down app … full force.

Your dog is the only thing that can make you feel better

Fur babies are the root to all happiness. Being away from them? Not easy. In a stressful season, these guys are the unconditional love you need most.

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Wishing certain people were there during fun times/experiences

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You’re at a party, football game or tailgate and you have found yourself glued to your phone. Or maybe, imagining the situation if they were there to experience it with you firsthand. You’ve been so used to having these people in your life, creating new memories without them seems hard, uncomfortable and unfair.

Being people sick refers to missing those who carry the comfort, familiarity and friendship you are longing for and remember. Your symptoms of being the conventional “homesick” may align more with missing those who remind you of home, not the home itself. If you feel like this is more you, do what you find best to cope. Give a FaceTime, dial a call, take a trip to see your dog and find that comfort you need to finish the semester!


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