10 Things That Happen When You Go Home for the Weekend

IMG_0106 Ah, mid-semester. The leaves are changing, October is in full swing, and – let’s be honest – we need a break.

“Being with 42,000 other students in the middle of no where Pennsylvania can get seriously overwhelming,” says junior Haley Altus. “At school it’s always ‘go go go.’ Sometimes I need to go home to get away from the chaos.”

After a slew of stressful weeks, nothing feels better than packing up the ole’ bags for a weekend at home. Check out Valley’s list of what inevitably happens once we’re homeward bound.

1. “PUPPY!”
Studies have show that the number one thing basic college girls look forward to when home for the weekend is snuggling with their pet.

Ok, not really, but if there was a study, that’s probably what it would say.

2. Bedtime
There’s something about our beds at home that makes them 10 times better than the ones we sleep in at school. Familiarity? Maybe, but the bottom line is we know we’re in for a great night’s sleep.

3. Home-cooked meals
Why did we ever take this for granted? Nothing is better than sitting down for a real life, home-cooked meal with family. Thank you, parents.

4. Real Life, Real People
Your Mom asks you to make a Target-run with her.

“Target still exists?” you ask yourself puzzlingly.

Yes, Target still exists, as do families with children and cars and money – funny how we forget about these things.

5. Eating Out
While home-cooked meals are the ultimate in weekend satisfaction, there’s also something to be said about revisiting our favorite hometown restaurants (and having the parents foot the bill).

6. Spoiled Rotten
Parents love having their college kids home. *Fingers crossed* they’ll be in such good moods that they throw a little extra cash our way.

7. Jammin Out
This one is for those of us who don’t have our cars up at State.

There’s a carefree sense of freedom that comes with getting back in the drivers seat – part of that freedom includes singing along with the radio at the top of our lungs.

8. Nostalgia
Remember high school football games? When we’re home in the fall, memories flow like water. It can make us a little sad – but some are pretty laughable. Remember when we wore satin, sequined cocktail dresses to the homecoming dance?

9. Laundry Day
On Friday, we bring home dirty laundry. On Sunday, it’s clean, folded, and smells like heaven. The best part? We didn’t have to lift a finger.

10. You Can’t Wait to Get Back to State
Weekends at home are like medicine. When we’re sick of it here, we retreat to our hometowns for a small dose of family, comfort and familiarity.

By the end of the weekend, we’re reminded why we love our Dear Old State.

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