Hot Girls Use Heating Pads

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Let’s face it — we all have that one staple piece on our beds that we simply can’t live without. Whether it is a Nodpod, your childhood blankie or a Nittany Lion pillow pet, there’s always something to look forward to snuggling with when it’s time to wind down for the day. But what about those days when we wanna lay in bed all day and catch up on our binge-watching? Or even worse, when the period pain leaves you bed-ridden? Whether it’s your back, your abdomen or just simply needing something warm to cuddle with, look no further than a heating pad.  

Hot girls have lower back pain. And sure we might be hot — but does beauty really have to be painful? For those of us that can’t go a day without excruciating lower back pain (if you know, you know) then look no further for pain remedy and comfort. According to Scott Curtis, a specialist at the Princeton Spine and Joint Center, heating pads are crucial for not only pain relief, but for accelerating the healing process as well. Sure there are some great stretches like Child’s Pose that are great for gradually improving lower back pain, but we can’t resist the comfort and warmth that comes from a CVS heating pad at a retail price of $35.99. 

But not only do hot girls have lower back pain — we have the worst period pains. Sure there are the lucky ones that barely get period cramps — sidenote, how does it feel to be God’s favorite?  For the rest of us, this is when heating pads are our saving grace and make the day at least somewhat bearable. 

So while we’re looking for ways to feel better, who’s to say we can’t do it without looking cute? Here are some funky and fresh renditions of the classic heating pad that you won’t be able to help but put on display on your bed:

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Regardless of whether or not you have bad back pain or period cramps, don’t worry, you’re still a hot girl in our eyes. So place your orders and get comfy because there’s no greater feeling than grabbing your favorite blanket, maxing out the heat on your heating pads and turning on some Netflix to enjoy those days where you need to reset.

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