Why Everyone Should Have An Ice Roller

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2022 is the perfect year to get your skincare routine down. If you plan on making new purchases for your face, think about adding in a face roller. Not only does it have benefits, but it feels great in the mornings or before bed. If you have been wondering whether or not to buy an ice roller, VALLEY is here to tell you why adding one into your everyday routine will change your skincare game.

Reduce Puffiness

If you have a problem with puffiness in your face, especially in the morning or before bed, ice rollers are perfect. Not only does it increase blood flow, but it can reduce redness. An ice roller can especially feel good on inflamed under-eye bags. Just be careful because the area under your eyes is a very sensitive part of your face, so make sure to be delicate. Because alcohol can also make your face feel inflamed, ice rolling can help your face feel less puffy.

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Jawline Definition

If you want to work on your jawline and face definition, ice rolling can help immensely. As well as reducing inflammation and redness, it can help structure your face. When you ice roll your face and neck, it is possible to see changes. Usually, people recommend ice rolling for five to ten minutes in order to see noticeable results.

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Smaller Pores

Ice rolling can also help shrink your pores temporarily because the coldness helps reduce their size. Many women find themselves covering their pores up with makeup, but if you ice roll before you put it on, you might find that you don’t need as much! If you do this consistently, you can see improvements in your pore size on a more regular basis.

Using an ice roller can truly have long-term results if you use it enough. If you like using a jade roller, which has similar benefits, why not try an ice roller too? If you decide to buy one, try doing your face routine first. Include products such as moisturizers and serums to feel the full effect of your ice roller. Make sure to keep it clean and wash it after every use. If you end up purchasing one (and loving it) tweet us @VALLEYmag!



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