Creative Self-Care Solutions

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Everyone is always saying how important self-care is. Meditate, get enough exercise, eat right and cut out your social media scrolling frenzy before bed. These are all potentially great ideas to improve your mental health. But what about fueling your creative side? 

VALLEY compiled a list of creative self-care solutions that are sure to help you decompress.

Vision Boards 

Getting caught in a self-care funk is common. It can be hard to move beyond whatever moment you’re stuck in and see your way through to the other side. Taking a step back and brainstorming where you want to end up in the future can help shed some perspective on your situation. 

There are two easy ways to create your own vision board: online or on paper. Make your vision board whatever you want it to be by journaling ahead of time so that you know where to pull inspiration from. 

Pinterest is a great online tool that you can use to find images and quotes that represent where you want to be. The best part is, you can create multiple boards to represent different areas of your life: relationships, family, work, school and anything else you might want to plan for. If you’re more interested in a tactile board that you can hang up in your room, spend time going through magazines, books and photos that you like to get inspiration. Cut out the things that speak to you and arrange them in a meaningful way. 

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A great way to refresh your self-care routine is to try a new hobby. Embroidery is a great option for people who want to learn a new skill in stages. There are plenty of beginners guides that you can find online to get started. Much like painting or coloring, doing embroidery allows your brain to decompress and focus on something productive. Try your hand at making an inspirational embroidery artwork to hang in your space to remind you how great you are. As you get better and better, you can share the fruits of your labor with friends.

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Nail Painting

It feels amazing to go to the nail salon and be pampered for an hour but, instead of spending the money this week, you can try it at home. Even if you lack a steady hand, painting your nails can give you so much stress relief. Choose a style or design that you love and try your best to recreate it. Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration. If it doesn’t turn out perfect — and it might not — that’s okay! You did something for yourself and that is a true act of self-compassion. 

Subscription Boxes 

When it feels hard to find the right kind of self-care you need, consider subscription boxes. There are tons of awesome monthly delivery companies that offer all kinds of awesome self-care items. 

If curling up with a hot cup of tea sounds relaxing to you, try Sips by. They offer personalized tea selections that come with tea filters and steeping tips. For aromatherapy lovers, the Scent Club Box by Wicked Good Perfume is calling your name. Their products are clean and customizable — the perfect duo for a self-care night. 

Readers will enjoy the Read, Relax, and Recharge box by Introverts Recharge.  Choose a book and a beverage and they will include other great additions like candles, bath salts, and sweet treats. It’s the perfect night in. If you want an all-encompassing experience that’s curated by therapists you’ll want to try TheraBox. Included are happiness activities and six to eight other products ranging from bath and body products to aromatherapy. 

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Take some time for yourself today and try one of these creative self-care solutions! Let us know your favorite by tagging VALLEY on Instagram @VALLEYmag.


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