Virtual Self-Care: Three Reasons to Start Your Social Media Detox Today

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It is no secret that social media plays a large role in the lives of the majority of Gen Z. Especially after the pandemic rendered all other methods of keeping up with friends and family impossible for months, the practice of broadcasting our lives has become second nature. Informing ourselves of the activities and travels of those in our social spheres is part of our daily schedules. Even though social media certainly has its benefits, there are many ways in which it influences us negatively. Here are three reasons why it might be time for a social media cleanse, or to indulge in it in a more mindful way.

Severe Scrolling 
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You do it. We do it. We all do it! Everyone loves to mindlessly scroll through their social media feeds. Whether it’s YouTube thumbnails that you don’t even click on, or your TikTok For You Page that never fails to suck you in for what suddenly becomes an hour, surfing through our favorite apps is a stimulating pastime that requires little to no effort. Although catching ourselves up on the latest viral trends never gets old, there’s a chance this habit is taking up much more of your time than you realize.

A temporary social media cleanse may save you a lot of time, allowing you to become more productive. You may also learn to enjoy your platform of choice with better discipline once you return. Although there’s nothing wrong with clicking through your friends’ Instagram stories, it is important to be aware of how much time you spend doing so, and when it might be wise to take a break and do something else.

Social Media and Self Esteem
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In the digital world of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, we only have encounters with the best versions of our friends and family. Users only share moments of their lives that they are proud of and ones in which they look their best. When we view people through this lens, we often allow ourselves to believe that this is the only side of them that exists, which can negatively affect self-esteem. Not to mention, many people compare themselves to feeds often dotted with wealthy and attractive influencers. Embarking on a social media hiatus and taking some time away from this illusion helps remind us that no one is perfect, and you may come to view yourself in a new light. Not only this, keeping this in mind while active on social media allows us to enjoy it in a healthier and more uplifting way. 

Do it for the Gram!
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Everyone loves to share their vacations, successes and haircuts on Instagram. However, is there a point when we begin to go places and do things simply to acquire content? The requisite photo shoot has become a staple of any night out with friends. While this tradition is certainly part of the fun, those of us who aspire to a perfect profile often get so caught up in sharing these moments with our followers that we forget to enjoy them while they are still happening.

Without the pressure to prove to the internet that you eat at trendy restaurants with your friends, you might just enjoy your meal and their company even more! If you still desire to broadcast these moments, be reminded that living in the present is just as important as valuing it once it becomes a memory. 

Have you gone on a social media cleanse? How do you enjoy social media in a healthy way? Let us know by tweeting us @VALLEYmag.


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