Motivating yourself to get up in the winter

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It’s bitterly cold outside, the sun is setting at three in the afternoon and it’s hard to find the energy to leave the coziness of our beds. In short, days of art’s fest and lounging on Old Main’s lawn feel like distant memories. In case you find yourself buried under the covers when you really should be out the door, check out this list to get motivated.

Decide what to wear the night before

Half the battle of getting up during the winter is feeling awake enough to start the day. By deciding what to wear the night before (after checking the weather), you give yourself more time to become acclimated to your environment. This will help you feel less like stepping outside is the equivalent of getting a bucket of cold water tossed on you. 

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Make time for a breakfast that you’ll enjoy

Some eat as soon as they wake up, others save their first meal of the day for hours after they rise. Whenever you chose to start fueling your body for the day, take the pressure off your week mornings by deciding on some staple meals or coffees during the weekend. 

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Drink something before you go to sleep

A foolproof physical response to drinking a lot of liquid before going to sleep is the need to go to the bathroom. Developing a routine of consistently drinking water before bed will also manifest in a variety of health benefits including digestion, metabolism and hydration.

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Try your best to keep a regular sleep schedule

Part of the reason why it’s increasingly difficult to get up in the winter is the lack of daylight hours we experience. Our bodies produce melatonin, the sleep hormone, when it gets darker out, therefore making us feel groggier. Although this may sound evil, if you find yourself waking up before your alarm goes off (within reason), it may be beneficial to get up anyway. Do NOT listen to that voice asking for five more minutes.

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Give yourself an activity to look forward to

Big or small, having a ritual of care or relaxation in the morning can make all the difference. Cook to a favorite playlist, watch an episode of an old favorite show while you get ready, throw a robe on over your clothes or even plan a reward for finishing your tasks at the end of the day.

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