POV: What People Think When you Read in Public

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You’re sitting sideways on a cold bench, burying your head into your scarf. Leaves are falling perfectly around you while subtle breeze lifts your hair. The sun basks you in its warmth — unbeknownst to you — making you glow and look like an angel in everyone’s eyes. Your earbuds tune out the rest of the world as you listen to some classic music that no one else your age listens to. You are different and everyone else can see it. So, what are people thinking about as they pass you by? Keep reading to live out your main character dreams.  

Boy walking to class

That person is reading so gracefully. The way their hand is delicately holding that book makes me want to hold it. I wish someone looked at me with that kind of care. They are so uncomplicated, so different from everyone else I know — I must get to know them.

Girl on the phone

That person could be on their phone right now, but they chose not to be. So refined and cultured! They’re the kind of person that could make a backyard wedding seem classy and rustic — think: Kennedy’s Barn wedding.

Person running to gym who whips their head to the side to admire you

I am overwhelmed by the beauty this person beholds. They look so beautiful when they cry. (Not in a creepy way. In a tender, totally good-intentioned way).

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Person who views you from afar

The second I laid eyes on them, I felt like I’d known them my whole life. I must befriend.

Old man who thinks you remind him of someone he knew

Seeing that person calmly reading convinced me to end my feud of 16 years.

Person feverishly checking their notes while walking to their test

I wish I had the serene energy of that person. They are the kind of person I want around me all the time. I bet when you take them to parties, they just capture everyone’s attention and they never look out of place, despite being a mystery to everyone.

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Mom walking to Target

They have never wronged anyone. I would trust them with my life and my child’s life.

Esteemed CEO marching by

That person seems so intelligent. I would hire them immediately and place them on my advisor’s board because they are the smartest person I’ve ever seen.

Man of 20 years (around 6’2, laughing with friends and then slowly zooms in on you while everyone around him continues laughing)

I’m in love.


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