Everyone Is In Their Own World

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You might want to sit down because VALLEY is about to present the pep talk you never knew you needed.

People are more concerned about themselves than about what YOU are doing. No, this is not coming from a narcissistic standpoint— it is simply the truth.

According to Worldometer, there are approximately 7.9 billion people in this world. That is 7.9 billion individuals on this planet that have their own characters and plot lines. Everyone is living their own life filled with their daily routine and interests. It is normal to be consumed with what you have going on—because it’s your life. Think about it in the sense of a concert, everyone there is having their own experience with their own group they attended with. When they decide to reminisce, it is different from your own flashback.

Photo posted by @coachella on Instagram

A lot of the time, people feel limited to their own capabilities—whether it be intimidation or overthinking about an interaction you had. This is totally normal but is holding you back from living your truest potential. Allowing yourself to stand in your own way based on an intrusive thought of facing the judgment of other people is a form of self-sabotaging.

Trying a new activity always seems scary at first because of the underlying fear of the unknown. Instead of shying away from the unknown, you have to embrace it. Think about it from a serendipity perspective — the best things come when you are not searching for them. Intimidation is going to follow when you are walking into a situation you are unfamiliar with, but pushing past that initial thought is when everything will fall into place. 

Beginning something that is not common to you comes with learning and making mistakes. It is necessary to remind yourself that everyone was a beginner at some point. For example, beginning a new job or joining a new club at school can be scary when you are a newbie surrounded by experts. 

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Recently, a TikTok trend that has blown up on the platform is about getting over gym intimidation, which exemplifies this concept as a whole. A lot of exercises require certain forms and not being able to use heavyweights. Sometimes it can feel like everyone’s eyes are all on you when in reality, everyone is there to accomplish the same thing for themselves. They are just as focused on what they’re doing. No one is going to criticize (or think about) one movement you did incorrectly for the rest of their day. 

Alongside facing the fear of judgment, everyone can relate to an embarrassing moment that occurred to them at some point. Hear this—nothing is embarrassing unless you make it. Everyone is human, everyone is going to mess up or humiliate themselves.

If you think about it, watching someone trip on the sidewalk can catch your eye for a second. After that, the guy catches himself from falling and you move on with your day. A split moment that you forget the rest of the day. 

All in all, everyone has their own life to worry about. It is better to try and fail than not try it at all. The point is, you are trying. The power behind that is more inspiring than any piece of judgment from others. Embrace every experience and opportunity that is presented to you.

Do you have any embarrassing stories that you can laugh off by now? Let us know by DMing @VALLEYmag on Instagram!


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