Eva Chen: Instagram’s Queen of Fashion

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Paris, Milan and New York City are the fashion capitols of the world. In today’s digital society, one popular and accessible location has the power to bring every fashion capitol together: Instagram. On this platform, popular influencers have the power to rule over new trends, as well as fashion influencers’ and designers’ online presences. One of Instagram’s most prominent faces of fashion is Facebook’s Eva Chen.

Insta Queen

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Although some self-proclaimed fashionistas may not have heard of Chen, she has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and surrounds herself with famous people of the fashion industry, including Anna Wintour, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. While she is certainly well-known in the fashion world, 39-year-old Chen did not always have such a passion for fashion.

Chen attended Johns Hopkins University with the intention to pursue medical school after graduation. However, her plans shifted after an internship at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. After working at Harper’s Bazaar, Chen’s journey began. She has since conquered the fashion editorial industry, having worked at Lucky Magazine, Elle and at Teen Vogue as a beauty editor. Chen is currently Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnerships, a dream job that many may not even know exists.

Through her years of experience in the industry, Chen has developed valuable relationships with world-renowned designers and brands. A close colleague of Anna Wintour, Chen has attended the Met Gala, countless fashion week shows and other unbelievable fashion events. On top of all this, Chen recently authored a children’s book, “Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes.”

Photo posted by @evachen212 on Instagram


Chen’s presence on Instagram is certainly one of her most amazing and interesting facets. She created the #EvaChenPose, an Instagram series which showcases her designer items while she poses in the back of a taxi. Chen utilizes her Instagram stories and posts to show the world what she is up to and what current trends are Eva Chen-certified.

Chen recently traveled to Paris and had a front row seat at Maison Valentino’s 2019 Haute Couture show, which she documented on her Instagram story. This is just one of the unbelievable experiences that Chen allows her followers experience through her social media. Chen utilizes Instagram to make the exclusive world of fashion, travel and couture accessible to all 1.1 million of her followers.

Cool Mom

Posted by @evachen212 on Instagram

Not only is Chen an online influencer, author and boss business woman, but she’s also the mother of two extremely well-dressed children. Designer brands often send Chen’s children the latest looks in kiddie couture. Her daughter, Ren, owns a Moncler jacket, and her son, Tao, wears Tom Ford. Chen is extremely open about her children on her social media and is quite the super-mom. She balances posts featuring her glamorous job with content about her mom duties, all while keeping it real for her followers. Chen’s authenticity on her Instagram page is one of the many reasons she has become such an influential online presence in the fashion world.

Chen’s balance of family, work and fun is admirable, and her Instagram profile enables all types of people to experience the exclusive world of fashion right at their fingertips. Chen has changed the face of fashion through her role at Instagram. Making couture, world travel and Instagram’s office accessible to millions of people online has made Chen a digital queen of fashion, and an influencer that many look to for trend alerts, inspiration and sometimes even just to live vicariously through.

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