How to Graduate From Your “College” Look

We all know the drill. When it comes to dressing for class, most college students follow the same dress code: leggings, joggers and a hoodie. The weekdays aren’t for high fashion, they’re for getting stuff done. College has led us to be overly reliant on our last-minute-loungewear, and once we graduate it’s just not going to cut it anymore.

But fear not, moving away from your favorite sweatpants doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Fashion is meant to be fun, even though at times it feels like the biggest pain in the butt. VALLEY is here with some tips to upgrade your “college wardrobe”.

Invest in some staple pieces

Never have that “I have nothing to wear” moment ever again. Staple pieces are essential to building the foundation of a classic wardrobe and the best is that basic pieces hardly ever go out of style. A basic staple like a white t-shirt can be a great starting point for any outfit, whether it’s paired with a simply pair of jeans or a statement piece. White tees also work as an amazing base for whatever over-the-top, amazing pieces you find along the way. Madewell is a great place to search for some of these pieces if you’re looking to invest, but check out H&M if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.

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Confidence comes with comfort

Remember that in order to look good, it’s equally as important to feel good too. Avoid wearing clothing that make you uncomfortable or causes you physical pain. We’ve all been there — those jeans you’ve owned since freshman year of high school that really don’t fit? Just toss them. We all feel like our best selves when we’re comfortable, and that should never be something you have to sacrifice. Find pieces that fit properly and make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t abandon your personal style

Graduating from your college clothing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch your quirky undergrad flair, it simply calls for several additions to your youthful sense of style. Yes, there will come a day when your favorite game-day crop top just isn’t going to cut it anymore, but it’s easy to implement some of your favorite comfort pieces into legitimate everyday outfits. Consider pairing your favorite concert tee with a pair of jeans and a jacket. Fashion is supposed to be a representation of you, and your closet should always be a reflection of your personal style.


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