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After 8 excruciating weeks of waiting with bated breath for a new episode of Euphoria to come out every Sunday, the finale of the second season has officially aired. The HBO hit show that stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi and many talented others has kept much of the world captivated for the last few years. Season one of the show followed Rue, a teenage drug addict that was struggling to overcome her addiction, as well as her girlfriend Jules, her close friends and family. The long awaited season 2 dove deep into Rue’s relapse, as well as the crumbling of friendships, romantic relationships and family ties. Let’s just say this season did not disappoint with the drama, and the finale was even more shocking than expected. Lucky for you, VALLEY has put together a recap of this iconic season, including our favorite and least favorite characters, most shocking moments from the finale, and thoughts on season 3!

Favorite Characters

For a character that didn’t make too much of an impact in season one, Suze (Cassie and Lexi’s mom) was definitely a fan-favorite this season. Her hilarious one-liners and infectious laugh brought life back into the show and left fans howling with laughter after every scene.

Of course, we can’t forget about the iconic Maddy Perez, who had her head held high in every episode, even while dealing with a psychotic ex-boyfriend and the betrayal of her best friend.

Last but not least we have Fezco, everyone’s favorite drug dealer. His timid smiles and burgeoning romance with Lexi was just too cute to watch and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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Least Favorite Characters

There were quite a few characters this season that turned out to be major disappointments, but the top contenders have to be Jules, Elliot and Cassie. Jules and Elliot are a package deal, considering they both knew Rue was in a fragile state and betrayed her anyways. While Jules was the one to cheat on Rue with Elliot, he supported Rue’s drug usage and helped her keep it a secret from everyone in her life. That is, of course, until Jules and Elliot broke the news to Rue’s mom without giving Rue any sort of warning. Though they both seemed to patch things over with Rue in the finale, it’s hard to tell if the fans will ever forgive them.

However, the real villain of this season and the finale episode has to be Cassie. Not only did she fall in love with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, she became exceedingly crazy about it throughout the season which ultimately lead to her destroying her relationships with her friends and ruining Lexi’s play. All season 2 really showed us about Cassie is that she is an awful friend.

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Most Shocking Moments

For anyone who watched the season finale, it should not come as a surprise that the most shocking moment of the episode came when Fez’s adopted little brother, Ashtray, engaged in a shootout with the cops and was killed as a result. Hoping he would protect Fez from going to prison for his involvement in a murder and long history of drug dealing, Ashtray nobly sacrificed himself and the entire scene was heartbreaking to watch.

While not quite as shocking, another gasp-worthy scene came when Nate Jacobs turned his father Cal into the police for filming himself with minors. While unexpected, it is definitely well-deserved!

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Season 3

With everything that went down in season 2, it’s safe to say season 3 will be just as crazy, if not crazier. With so many loose ends left unanswered, fans are already speculating what this next season will entail. Will Rue finally be forced to pay her debt to Laurie? Did Fez really go to jail, or did he manage to escape? Will Maddy and Cassie’s friendship ever recover?

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