A Guide to Fashion TikTok

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From dancing videos to DIYs, there are many different sides of TikTok that can pop up on your screen, and Fashion TikTok is on the rise! VALLEY has compiled a list of some of the best accounts you can follow to help you curate your fashion forward looks this school year.

Everything in fashion starts with paying attention, learning about trends and being able to predict them. Mikayla Stephenson knows all about that, making videos that teach her followers how to prepare for the upcoming season with her style predictions. The fashion merchandising student does it all, from providing an insider’s opinion on which trends will live on and which will fade out to advising how to style a specific statement piece in one’s closet.

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Heading into fall, a lot of people’s minds are on dark academia, and while that may not be everyone’s thing, Midsize Academia’s got you covered if it is. Though she originally brought traffic to her TikTok through a video recommending dark academia clothes at Target, she’s actually well on her way to opening up her own secondhand shop for midsize women who love dark academia! If that includes you, make sure to give her a follow so you can support a small business and look good doing it.

Now, it’s important to note that fashion isn’t always just about clothes. Feeling confident and knowing how to pose can be just as important as the outfit you’re wearing. TikTok influencer, Anna Sitar, aims to remind her followers of just that. Though she’s gained popularity for a myriad of other videos, Sitar has recently posted quite a few pose recommendations after receiving compliments on being able to look so natural in her Instagram posts.

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London-based Lara Adkins is quite the jack of all trades when it comes to fashion. With too many types of videos to list, the 22-year-old makes her TikTok page home to anyone looking for fashion advice from hair to hauls to style guides, and many more! And apparently TikTok runs in the family, because her older sister, Niamh Adkins, has amassed a following of over 1 million on the app too.

20-year-old Rebecca Ko also likes to combine a little bit of everything: style guides, shopping advice, posing and even ideas for nail designs! One of the first videos to become popular on her account was actually a set of pose recommendations, though she is now much more known for hauls and outfit inspiration. Her vibe is a lot closer to streetwear than the others on this list, so it definitely isn’t difficult to picture putting her advice to good use on a daily basis!

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Next is Lauren Wolfe, an influencer based in New York City, who posts videos ranging from beauty hacks to must-haves from websites like Amazon and Revolve. Wolfe likes to keep her recommendations within reasonable price ranges, and always gives advice on how to style them, so she is definitely worth a follow!

A bit different from the others on this list, Siena Filippi is practically a queen of thrifting. Often taking her followers with her on her thrift hauls (which can sometimes be very reminiscent of an old Emma Chamberlain video), Filippi does everything from style advice to thrift flips, demonstrating her versatility when it comes to fashion. She even runs her own online store for “up-cycled and hand-picked thrifted/vintage clothing.”

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Who are your favorite fashion influencers on TikTok? VALLEY knows there are just way too many to put in one list, so be sure to tell us your faves by tagging us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram!



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