Fashion Trends in the Age of TikTok

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Miuccia Prada

The ‘fashion’ hashtag alone on TikTok has approximately 31.9 billion views videos on TikTok. From runway pieces to DIY tutorials, there is an endless library to study of trending looks and pieces. In a time where the fashion industry and retail stores all over the world are feeling the effects of varying COVID-19 restrictions, people have taken to their own virtual runways and hit record.

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For many since March, TikTok has become an evolving Pinterest board for lookbooks. The rapid exchange of information across the internet is faster than ever before and because of this platform, one thing it has done is supply teenagers from coast to coast with videos of each other. Skate-loving Bay Area teens in their layered graphic tees and beach-inspired SoCal residents in their breezy summer dresses reach a captivated audience on the east coast. Likewise, the contemporary style drawing from places like New York City showcasing model off duty looks has seen its influences on the west coast. Across the world in Italy, sultry pieces like handkerchief tops and flowing dresses have also popped up on “For You” pages.

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Changing up one’s style can be intimidating, but an unexpected highlight from the last five or so months is the chance to reflect on the clothes we put on our backs in private. In the age of COVID-19, people have been getting more creative with how they dress since there is less pressure from school or jobs, and have been getting inspiration from TikTok. If the thing that’s holding you back from being more creative is fear of judgment or even doing something wrong, having the time to play with that can be freeing.

Much like the fast-moving trends in the fashion world, each new trending TikTok song or challenge passes into the spotlight in a flash. In an effort to save on new looks and fueled by months of being cooped up, a growing number of Amazon finds are posted to the app hourly. Colorful denim, contrast stitching tops, corsets, mini purses, midi skirts, tennis skirts, lace tank tops and cow print have been posted and reposted from people finding the best deals.

Within days or even hours of posting, items are sold out on Amazon leaving people eager for restocks. People have also been showcasing local small businesses and their favorite thrift stores on the app, contributing to a more unique perspective to style videos.

Video posted by @swagmasterrg on TikTok
Video posted by @swagmasterrg on TikTok

Fashion is both a collaborative and solitary endeavor. Personal style is something that doesn’t have to depend solely on what clothes you have at the moment. It can also include what you admire and hope to incorporate into your wardrobe. TikTok has helped globalize fashion trends in a way that has never been done before, helping a new generation enter the world of trendy and chic.



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