Relax In Style: Men’s Essential Loungewear

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Do you want to be stylish yet comfortable while relaxing at home?  Or do you need an outfit that’s neat and practical to wear during your online classes but also super comfy to sit during those long lectures? VALLEY has the answer, with the perfect loungewear style just for a modern man like you. We bring you a guide to men’s loungewear. And no, we are not talking about the pajamas you would never dare to leave the house wearing.

Since we’re all spending more time indoors, that means what you’re wearing around the house takes on more importance. With the classes shifting online, the goal is to have loungewear that’s comfortable and stylish enough to wear in front of your friends, classmates and teachers. Selecting the perfect loungewear means you could run a quick errand without having to change into “regular’ clothes. But, does this mean you have to get rid of the 5-year-old T-shirt and tattered flannel PJ bottoms? No, but they should probably be worn when you don’t need to be presentable.

We all have those moments where we need stylish yet relaxed clothes. With an increase in casual and athletic clothing options for men, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices for men’s loungewear. But don’t worry, we have carefully selected these loungewear essentials for you that are a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Bath Robe

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Robes are great for wearing after you get out of the shower. They are comfortable and give you the extra bit of warmth. While, you might think that a robe isn’t essential, once you get one, you’ll wonder why didn’t you get one sooner.

VALLEY approved options: 12 | 3

Sweatshirt & Jogger Pant

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This is the perfect combo when you are just chilling in your room and you have to run a quick errand outside. If you are wearing the VALLEY approved sweatshirt and jogger combo, you can go outside feeling comfortable and looking stylish. Pair it with white sneakers, throw a bomber jacket on, and you are set to attend any party in town.

VALLEY approved options: 1 | 2 | sweaterjogger


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We know that you love wearing basketball shorts; they are comfy right! But the last thing you should be wearing is basketball shorts in this day and age. Grab a more modern, stylish pair like these! VALLEY recommends you ensure they have a trim fit. Ideally, they should hit about 1-4 inches above the knee, and we assure you that you’ll look really stylish and won’t think twice about going back to wearing those outdated basketball shorts.

VALLEY approved options: 1 | 2


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You should never underestimate the power of a well-fitting t-shirt. We know that most of you reach for those random t-shirts from 5 years ago, but we’re here to tell you, stop doing that. No, seriously, stop wearing those baggy t-shirts and grab a well-fitting, stylish t-shirt. We have recommended some T-shirts below and bonus points to you if you match your t-shirts to your jogger or drawstring pants. That will make you look classier and if someone special is coming over for the evening, get ready to hear some flattering comments about your outfit.

VALLEY approved options: 1 | 2


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Your at-home experience will significantly become better if you choose the right pair of slippers. There’s nothing quite like a pair of super-soft, fluffy slippers that keep your feet warm and protected. We at VALLEY believe that it’s all in the details. Small things matter and being stylish is all about the details, so complete your outfit with the right slippers. We got some recommendations for you to check out.

VALLEY approved options: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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Whether you are going to the gym, showing off your ankles in the summer or going for a meeting a nice suit, socks are important. So yes, you should also have a set of loungewear socks, as well. You don’t have to match your socks with your outfit but bonus points to you if you decide on that. Check out the recommendations we have for you.

VALLEY approved options: 1 | 2 |4


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