Become A Home Chef: The Top 5 Cooking Channels On YouTube

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Three meals per day, seven times a week? That’s a lot of cooking for anyone. And for people who consider themselves novices in the kitchen, it’s much more of a burden. There are many options nowadays like online food delivery and restaurants, but we all know that eating outside food frequently will fall too heavily on the pocket especially for University students. But don’t worry, we at VALLEY are always looking out for you. If you are a beginner or have never tried cooking, we have the right YouTube channels for you that will teach you how to cook and really nail your favorite foods.

YouTube is flooded with cooking videos but like anything else on the internet, they are not all good. VALLEY has made your work easier and compiled a list of YouTube channels that we think are the best for learning everything from how to chop an onion, how to break down a chicken, how to turn it into delicious stock and much more! So, here is a list of 5 YouTube channels from which you can learn how to cook.

1. Bon Appétit

You must be familiar with the shows, “Gourmet Makes” and “Back to Back Chef”. These shows have definitely turned the Bon Appétit test kitchen staff into wholesome internet celebrities. If you are looking for how to create Doritos from scratch, you’ve found the channel that will teach you how to do so. But apart from gourmet dishes, this channel has many tutorial videos on how to cook your favorite dishes even if you are a complete beginner.

From learning how to cook basic dishes such as pasta with tomatoes and chickpeas to basic skills like sharpening kitchen knives there’s a ton to learn on this channel — and you get to do it with all your test kitchen faves like Claire Saffitz, Molly Baz, Brad Leone and all the rest. 

2. Tasty

Tasty is brought to you by Buzzfeed and has definitely changed the cooking video space forever with its signature overhead filming style which, of course, is now all over the place. You might know Tasty from its viral videos flooding social media, but this YouTube channel is much more than that. If you are looking to learn to cook something only from pantry ingredients, this is the right channel for you. You can also find a lot of kitchen gadget reviews on this channel that would help you decide which kitchen tools might save you some time in the kitchen.

3. J. Kenji López-Alt

Award-winning chef and The Food Lab Author J. Kenji López-Alt also runs a YouTube channel full of informative, easy-to-follow POV recipe videos. We all know that exam season makes us stay up all night to study and we crave late-night munchies. VALLEY is particularly a fan of this channel’s late-night cooking clips. You probably never have cooked mac and cheese this good (yet), but López-Alt surely knows you can do it with no problem, just follow the steps in his video. Bonus: You can expect cameos from dogs. A blessing!

4. Binging with Babish

You might know Andrew Rea’s cooking channel for its painstaking recreation of famous food dishes from movies and TV shows. But the YouTube channel is also home to “Basics with Babish,” a source of completely-from-scratch recipes for simple dishes like chilicarbonara and latkes. The thing VALLEY loves about this channel is that Rea makes sure to explain the utility of each ingredient, which is helpful for people who want to learn not only how to follow a recipe, but also how to improvise dishes in the future.

5. Steve the Bartender

For our 21 and older audiences, we have Australian bartender Steve Roennfeldt. He has every single cocktail recipe you could possibly imagine on his channel, from classic martinis to drinks that VALLEY had never ever heard of. Some drinks have extremely fun names and you could probably make jokes about them, how do Missionary’s Downfall and Pink Panther’s Milk sound? We know right, it’s hilarious and equally tasty. If you have a bottle of Gin sitting in your cabinet and you want to know just the recipe for the spirit you got, the channel’s homepage is divided by spirit. VALLEY loved the quarantine cocktail tutorial by Steve on his channel, we hope you do too.

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