The TikTok Songs of Fall

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What causes songs to boom on TikTok? In simplest terms, videos on TikTok have the capacity to reach a lot of people. According to Wallaroo Media, TikTok has over 1 billion users, is available in over 150 countries and has been downloaded in the United States over 200 million times. If a song becomes associated with a dance or trend, it’s likely on a fast track to streams and downloads due to TikTok’s significant global reach.

Songs on TikTok have also trended despite being lesser-known tracks on artists’ albums, in a language different to that of the user who shared it or even decades old. Tiktok breathes new life into old songs and has been proven to impact the top most-streamed songs of an artist or band. After going viral on TikTok, more dedicated fans of the music will begin to stream them on platforms like Spotify.

Top Genres on TikTok

According to Music Tomorrow, in 2020 the top genre of music on TikTok was Hip-Hop/Rap.

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One of TikTok’s features, bookmarking, means that users can also share a sound with other users, save it to listen to on the app or use for a future video. Hashtags, challenges, brand takeovers, and more also have the ability to boost sounds and songs on the app.

This fall, the songs that have trended on TikTok have been a mix of mellow and soulful, to upbeat dance tracks. These songs no doubt reflect the diverse musical taste of the app’s users. Put on some headphones and listen to any of the songs below.

Your TikTok Fall Playlist

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