You’re Your Other Half

If you’ve ever heard the expression, “my other half,” you know that someone is referring to their significant other. We often equate our significant other to the completion of ourselves.

Of course it’s nice to feel that someone may complete you, but you don’t need another person to feel whole. You can be your own other half. Yes— a significant other should balance you, complement your qualities and maybe add some perspective you didn’t have before, but you complete yourself. You are whole on your own.

It’s easy to get stuck on the stigma that you need a significant other in your life, but you don’t. In fact, “needing” your significant other can lead to many other problems because you can potentially become dependent on them for your happiness. You yourself are responsible for your own happiness.

Here are a few things to remember in a relationship. Remembering these things just might be take the place of a romantic relationship.

You’re whole enough on you own.

No one else completes you. If you feel that you are missing something, know that you can change that on your own without anyone else’s help. Maybe you’ve always longed to be adventurous, but could never bring yourself to live on the edge. You don’t have to go in search for someone who will make you adventurous because this is something you can accomplish on your own. But if you want someone to share the adventures with, that is OK too.

Make your own life.

When you do find a special someone or have a significant other now, the rest of your life doesn’t stop. It’s actually very important that you keep the other areas of your life fulfilled. Keep your friends and do other things that make you happy. Getting involved in extracurricular activities will help you meet other people, while giving you something to be a part of. Having this can make bring a sense of pride and happiness into your life. It is important to create your own happiness.

We all need alone time and space.

When you find someone you really care about and love to be around, it can be difficult to remember that everyone needs space once in a while. Constantly being with your significant other can be fun, but it can quickly turn unhealthy when you don’t have your own space to breathe. Having days when both of you do your own thing separately can be incredibly beneficial to your relationship. Then the next time you do see each other again, your time spent together will surely be quality time.

Remember, a significant other should add to your complete being, not complete your other half. You are your other half.


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