Starting a New Relationship with an Expiration Date

It’s as if we can’t go one conversation without bringing it up. The end. The goodbye. The “it’s going to be so hard” talk. The “what will we do” talk. It’s funny we bring it up all the time but it never answers my questions. We both just act so vague and uncomfortable about how we answer questions, we just don’t know what the other person is thinking.

Do we stay together? Are we even together? Should we never speak again? We don’t know what the right or wrong thing is to say. With this dilemma, the two people must have clear communication. Without that, the “relationship” could be doomed before it even starts. With communication comes the following:


There are two people in this relationship with sometimes 20 different feelings and thoughts between the two of you. If you want to be able to have an adult conversation both of you have to listen to each others thoughts and be patient in expressing your feelings and understanding the others.


It never hurts to have a plan. Even it doesn’t always work out in your favor or exactly how you both thought it would happen. Plans alter, things happen, but it’s calming to know you both are on the same page with everything and you want to spend time together.

Outside Opinions

With my relationship, we have mutual friends and with that comes different opinions and everyone wanting a say. A part of me wants to know what my friends thought I should do but it got to a point where they were influencing me to think two different ways without focusing on how I felt.

A part of me wishes I didn’t have this great idea to leave right when things were getting good. But you can never plan this and you have to remember everything happens for a reason. You meet people for a reason. A part of me just feels guilty for getting to go and for leaving you, and us.

Winter will come and I will be adjusting to my new life in a new country in a different time zone. You will find yourself with another Happy Valley January. You will experience THON, State Patty’s Day, all our friends turning 21 and maybe even another snow day without me.

Then it hit me. Why would I spend all this time dwelling on the future? When it comes to me and you, and for anyone starting a new relationship there are always road blocks. Things we’re not sure about or don’t know how to handle. The first step is talking about it.