Healthy vs. Toxic Relationships

Relationships can come and go, especially when you are young and growing into who you really are. During college, people and feelings often change in the blink of an eye. Finding out whether you’re in a good or bad relationship can be scary, as well as not knowing where the relationship will lead you in the future.

A good relationship has communication and loyalty at its core. Being open with your partner on what you are feeling is important, and spending quality time together is an easy way to understand each others way of thinking. Finding the balance to be yourself with or without your partner is important too, as independence to be yourself is essential to be able to contribute authentically to your relationship.

Trust tends to be an essential component of every healthy relationship, as being able to confide in your partner and know that they have your back is extremely important. This relationship of yours should be your happy place. You should not feel that you are putting on an act. You should be yourself, and search for a partner who brings out the best in you. If you are not your best self when you are in the presence of your boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe you are with the wrong person. Your relationship should be fulfilling and bring joy to your everyday life. 

However, some people often think that their relationship is healthy when it is actually incredibly toxic. This happens when the toxicity of being together blinds you from reality or creates an illusion that everything is going well when the other aspects of your life are suffering. 

Knowing your relationship is unhealthy or toxic can be confusing because you feel as though you love this person that keeps letting you down or treating you disrespectfully. According to Inc., signs that your relationship could be toxic is if it is all take and no give. A relationship shouldn’t be one sided. If one feels as though they are doing all the work, one will feel emotionally and physically drained. Negative energy, lack of communication and disrespect are others signs that fall under an unhealthy relationship. Especially in college, one should not be vulnerable, in love and suffering through their emotions for someone who is only bringing negative light to their life.

The different ways partners communicate love is different in every relationship, and every individual has their own love language. Knowing and learning what one values in a relationship is extremely important to make sure the relationship is healthy. When each partner can respect what their loved one values the most, healthy living flourishes and toxicity begins to fade away. 


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